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Role Call: March of the Stars

There are so many new projects in this week’s Role Call! We’ve got award nominees, fan convention appearances, an animated trailer, and a four-part webseries to explore, just to name a few. Join us as we take a look at what’s new for our favorite “Potter” cast members!


Role Call: Smooth Criminal

This week, we find Tom Felton going all the way back to the New Testament, learn about the dozens of new projects our favorite “Harry Potter” alum have signed on to do, and watch Gary Oldman fulfill his dream of becoming a rock star. All that and more in MuggleNet’s weekly Role Call!


Role Call: What Will 2016 Bring “Potter” Fans This Year?

In this week’s Casting News, we get a personal glimpse at Domhnall Gleeson’s favorite sex scene, watch as a fan favorite battles a few dragons, find out where fans will soon be able to meet with Dumbledore and Lucius Malfoy, and explore a handful of films we get to see in 2016 starring our “Potter” friends (Hint, Daniel Radcliffe is a very, very busy man!).

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Matthew Lewis Talks “Ripper Street”, “Happy Valley”, and “Attitude” Photoshoot

In a recent interview with the “Evening Standard”, Matthew Lewis discusses what life after “Harry Potter” has been like, from being the cover model for “Attitude” magazine last June to taking on challenging roles in both “Ripper Street” and “Happy Valley” and training to play the role of a triathlete in the upcoming film “Me Before You”.


Social Roundup: Around The World In Many Selfies

This edition found some of the alumni off on adventures scattered across the world. We can only hope this means that Hogwarts is finally recruiting international students for next fall’s first year intake.


Tom Felton Among Rumored Actors Auditioning for Han Solo

Casting directors are searching for the perfect actor to play young Han Solo in the planned “Star Wars” spin-off movie, and “Harry Potter” star Tom Felton is one of many who has reportedly auditioned.


Tom Felton Flocks to “Sheep’N’Wolves”

It certainly seems as though Tom Felton is going to continue to be extremely busy in the near future. Following the recent news of his casting in “Feed”, “A United Kingdom” and “A Message to the King”, Felton has officially joined the cast of animated film “Sheep’N’Wolves.”