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Five Things Daniel Radcliffe Does Better Than Harry Potter

Prior to the release of his film “Victor Frankenstein” on DVD, “Junkee” interviewed Daniel Radcliffe, who spent the better part of his life portraying Harry Potter. He may not be the Boy Who Lived off-screen, but there are some things even Harry Potter could pick up from the 26-year-old actor.


Daniel Radcliffe’s New Film Will Premiere at Sundance 2016

Exciting news, Daniel Radcliffe fans! It was announced today that his latest film, “Swiss Army Man”, will premiere at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival, which takes place January 21-31 in Park City, Salt Lake City, Ogden, and Sundance, Utah. Very little is known about the film at this point, but we do know that it will be an “absurdist comedy,” and joining Radcliffe in the film are Paul Dano and Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

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Social Roundup: It’s a Daniel Radcliffe “Frankenstein” Special

In this week’s social roundup, it’s a special edition in honor of Daniel Radcliffe’s upcoming movie, “Victor Frankenstein”. In the past couple of weeks, Daniel has been all over the place recently promoting the film, alongside co-star James McAvoy. He’s been so busy popping up everywhere from YouTube to podcasts, it’s been hard to keep up with all his appearances, so here’s a roundup of some of the more recent ones.


Daniel Radcliffe Revisits the Magic in “Now You See Me 2”

It’s no secret that Daniel Radcliffe is in the prime of his career – “Victor Frankenstein” is set to open tomorrow, and he’s got no shortage of projects in the works, from “The Modern Ocean” to “Imperium” and beyond. Recently, the actor caught up with BuzzFeed to talk about his latest projects, including “Now You See Me 2”, for which the trailer was released just last week!

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“Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” Roundup: Muggle vs. No-Maj

One of the more unexpected things revealed about the upcoming “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” film was the fact that American wizards had coined their own term for a Muggle. The word, “No-Maj,” literally meaning “No Magic,” is apparently the term that American wizards were using to refer to those without magic in the 1920s.