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Why Are Wizards So Gullible?

Despite being isolated from the Muggle world and not having access to many forms of credible, alternative media sources, the wizarding world’s gullibility when it comes to the “Daily Prophet” is so frustrating.


Who Wore It Better: Rita Skeeter or Beyoncé?

Top of the mornin’ to ya! Gilderoy Lockhart here with another edition of “Who Wore It Better?” It is the month of the three Gs; green, Guinness, and gingers. Our March match-up promises to bring you some St. Patrick’s Day cheer!


Who Wore It Better: Viktor Krum or Kanye West?

As the barber tamed my luscious curls, I came across an advertisement for winter coats in a Muggle magazine. It was quite stationary, as usual, but also very effective. I immediately knew I needed to feature some beautiful outer wear in this month’s column.


Who Wore It Better: Dobby or Justin Bieber?

Good day to you, magical world! This is Gilderoy Lockhart with “Witch Weekly”’s “Who Wore It Better?” It has been a whole month since we last spoke, but it is always as if I’m greeting an old friend every time I reach through these glossy magazine pages and into your loyal hearts.


Who Wore It Better: Dolores Umbridge or Queen Elizabeth II?

Well, hello out there, my beautiful readers! Yet another month has gone by, making it time for another edition of “Witch Weekly”’s “Who Wore It Better?” As always, I, Gilderoy Lockhart, will serve as an expert opinion as we examine a match-up of a popular magical figure and a Muggle celebrity.