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  • “Lethal White”: The New J.K. Rowling Book is Up There with “Harry Potter” (September 20, 2018) - Have you gotten your hands on a copy of "Lethal White" yet? Read this spoiler-free review of Robert Galbraith's (AKA J.K. Rowling) new book.
  • Why “Harry Potter” Matters (July 25, 2018) - "Harry Potter" is so much more than just a children's story. Here's one of many reasons why these books are so important.
  • Harry’s Extra Weapon (August 14, 2016) - How did Harry defeat Voldemort? His parents’ love only protects him; it doesn’t allow him actually to defeat Voldemort, one of the most skillful wizards of all time. So how does he do it?
  • What Can Timeturners Teach Us? (June 27, 2015) - By Paige Crawley Timeturners present a number of conundrums. Many fans have spent huge amounts of time trying to decode the exact inner workings of the timeturner, or deciding whether or not they support...
  • August “Quibbler” Contest winner: Accio learning! (August 29, 2014) - Hogwarts is a good school because the curriculum is so hands-on. Learning how to use magic is like learning how to use technology. Students learn exactly what they need to learn to be successful in the adult wizarding world. Students learn reading and writing skills through studying the different branches of magic, so they are just as academically skilled as a Muggle graduate.
  • “What Is Canon?” – Part 1: It’s all in J.K. Rowling’s head (August 19, 2014) - Since the release of the last "Harry Potter" novel and the invention of Pottermore, there has been a great debate bubbling and brewing within the "Harry Potter" fandom: canon - and what exactly it envelopes. So we decided to argue both sides of the coin, and then let you decide for yourself.
  • July Quibbler contest winner: Slytherin pride! (August 3, 2014) - This editorial is the winning entry for the Defending Your House contest. by Daisy Jesson
  • In Defense of Ravenclaw (July 21, 2014) - by Nolan Lately, I have had to endure multiple verbal attacks on the honor of my house.  To provide myself with support to combat these detractors, I visited sites on the internet to ally...
  • Emma Watson’s next magical role: Kelsea in “The Queen of the Tearling” (July 8, 2014) - Emma Watson committed to co-producing and starring in "The Queen of the Tearling" before the book was even published - here's a look at how the young actress may adapt to her second big fantasy role.
  • When Are You Going to Outgrow Harry Potter? (June 10, 2014) - by Amy Luder When I was younger, Harry was my best friend. We were conveniently the same age at the same time, so we effectively grew up together. Harry was my solace and my...
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