Trio on “Extra”

Thanks to K’lyssa!

Jerry Penacoli: All right, Dana. How about some Oscar stars of the future? The Harry Potter gang was nice enough to invite a Muggle like myself – that means human, by the way – to the London set of their next highly anticipated sequel. Check out this Extra Exclusive.

Emma: Hi, Extra. I’m Emma Watson.

Daniel: I’m Daniel Radcliffe

Rupert: Hi, I’m Rupert Grint.

Daniel: I’m giving Jerry the first look at the new Harry Potter movie.

Emma: The Prisoner of Azkaban.

Cuarón in background: Action!

[Cuts to scenes from the trailer]

Jerry: Our Extra sneak peek of the third Harry Potter film continues with its stars conjuring up some secrets from the set just outside of London only for…

Daniel: Extra, Extra! See?

[Here we see a scene being shot for the film. Harry and Lupin are walking through the forest, and Harry says, “I’m scared, Professor.”]

Jerry: Secret Number One: The kids who play Harry, Hermione, and Ron are as tight off-screen as they are on. And take a look, [cut to Emma messing with Dan’s hair] could Emma Watson have a hairstylist role in her future? What was she trying to do, change your hairstyle?

Daniel: I don’t even know anymore.

Jerry: You don’t even ask?

Daniel: No, see, I just let her do it because she does like it.

Jerry: Secret Number Two: Stardom for these kids has meant special star sightings, especially for Emma.

Emma: I met Brad Pitt. That was really good. That really made my day.

Daniel: And I met Halle Berry as well.

Jerry: Really? And the Hogwarts Express is full steam ahead on the next ‘Potter’ picture, but the big question: Will Daniel, Emma, and Rupert be on board? Which brings us to Secret Number Three. And it’s a shocker.

Daniel: I don’t know if I’ll do all the films, but for now I’m really keen to do the fourth because it’s such a fantastic book.

Jerry: Moviegoers will be ‘hot’ for the new Harry Potter film when it magically appears June 2004.