“Prisoner of Azkaban” DVD Launch Interviews with Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson and Alfonso Cuarón

From Film ab (VIVA – Germany)

Transcribed by Sabine

Alfonso Cuarón: I received the DVD last night, and it was very exciting to go through the material on the disc.

Rupert Grint: The special features… they are really good.

Daniel Radcliffe: I got it yesterday, yes, though I haven´t watched the film. I just had a little bit of time to look at the extras.

AC: First of all you can see the film. We have worked very hard on it, and we are very proud of it. Michael Seresin, the cinematographer, and myself have worked very hard trying to get the textures into the video format.

Emma Watson: The special features are absolutely brilliant, and there is a game where you have to catch a rat. I am Crookshanks, trying to get the rat. I can´t do it, but it´s very good.

RG: Yes, there are games on it, and it´s really, really… it’s a lot on it. To catch Scabbers… it´s really cool.

EW: There'[re behind the scenes and little scenes, interviews, great background stuff, [and] a look around Hogwarts, and it´s brilliant. Really, really good.

AC: For the first time ever in the Harry Potter DVDs you can look behind the scenes. In the past, and that was right, they wouldn’t show the process of getting to see the creatures because it was about taking away the magic, but after two Harry Potters, I think that it´s time now. You can see how the movements of the Dementors and how the hippogriff was created. Everybody knows that a hippogriff doesn´t exist, and the filmmakers manage to create one somehow. And here you can see how this process is going on, from the idea until you have these creatures together with the children.

EW: [laughs] I haven´t watched the old DVDs. I have just tried the extra features. They are pretty cool.

RG: I have seen them once, but after the premiere you can see them all the time even on TV. We were a lot younger then, so it’s quite funny to see it back.

DR: I think I will watch them when all films are finished, so I won’t get distracted by the way I was like then because that would be just really weird.

RG: When you look back it was a long time because when I began, I was eleven years old, and now I am sixteen.

EW: The weirdest thing that ever happened to me? Probably when a guy wanted me to sign an autograph on a 50 pound note. I said, “I can go and fetch a piece of paper,” but he said, “No, no, no, I want it on the 50 pound note,” and I was like, “Okay.”

RG: It’s quite weird. I get recognized, but that’s the same for all of us. That’s weird, but nothing has changed really. It’s just there.

AC: Ever since it was released that year, after the premiere we had promotion tours and traveled everywhere, and then I was trying to call back my old life. You see your family quite rarely. So how my life has changed is that my baby is older, and I am expecting a new baby. I am actually looking forward to see the kids again. I hope Michael Seresin, the cinematographer, is there, so I can ask him how it´s going with the fourth. I am sure he is doing great.

RG: Yeah, I am looking forward to meeting Alfonso. We had so much fun on the set. It’s great to see him again.

AC: I sent Daniel a book about rock ‘n’ Roll because he is interested in it. Then he has written a letter to me, like telling me funny things about it. They´ve been working very hard. I was in the USA and Mexico, so communication is not so easy, but tonight I am going to see them, and I am looking forward to see[ing] them.

RG: Yes, I’ve got some DVDs.

DR: I’ve got quite a lot of movies on DVD and videos and anything.

AC: I´m traveling a lot, so it wasn´t worth buying DVDs, but now, since I settle, the first thing is that my house is getting filled with these DVDs.

DR: I got Dr. Strangelove.

RG: Last night I watched Shrek 2. Really nice.

DR: I like surreal films because they are just bizarre, and that’s why I like Dr. Strangelove, so I just really like it. I find it very funny actually. I just got the new album of Interpol and the single collection of the Super Furry Animals, which is also very good. These are these two things I am listening [to] probably at the most.

Voiceover: It’s probably the hottest rumor on the Internet that Jarvis Cocker will write the soundtrack for the fourth movie. The singer is already looking like Harry Potter at the age of 40 years now, and a small guest appearance is under discussion.

DR: I’ve been aware of that rumor, but actually I haven’t met him or heard more about it. It’s just a rumour, but it would be great if he did it, but I don’t know.

EW: We started shooting in June and will finish it in April, so a little bit is left.

RG: We are in the middle, and it’s gone really well.

EW: We have a new director, called Mike Newell, who directed 4 Weddings and a Funeral, which is one of my favorites. He is brilliant. It’s a brilliant script, and I am really excited about this one.

AC: The thing is [that] I know that Mike Newell is directing the fourth one, and he is one of my favorite directors. And I know that the kids really love Mike, and they are enjoying the experience, so it’s really good.

EW: Today and the last week I had dancing lessons for the ball. I am learning the waltz, foxtrot, tango, and that kind of stuff, and I am having a really good time.

DR: Alfonso directed a dark film. The fourth is going to be even darker, like the book is, and Mike is going further with that, and so I think he will be just evolving what Alfonso did.

RG: It´s going tp be a little bit scary.

EW: The amount of time when you really can be shooting is four hours a day and three hours for schoolwork to five hours maximum.

DR: It was only yesterday somebody pointed out to me that Christmas is really, really coming nearer. So when you are filming all day long, you forget the time. It goes into a blur. I’ve just realized that Christmas is quite soon, so I even haven’t made my list really.

EW: I don’t know really. I like surprises. Whatever Santa Claus brings to me.

RG: I just started playing golf. So a golf cart would be really cool.

AC: I guess I wish [for] these typical things like peace in the world and stuff like that.

RG: At first I thought golf was for old people, but it’s really good fun.

EW: How I will celebrate Christmas?

AC: Same old way of meeting, gathering with the family, to watch the excited children. The next morning when you are a little hung over and the kids wake you up early in the morning with their gifts.

EW: Friends and family. That´s Christmas. Definitely.

RG: Just with the family and when Father Christmas comes.