MuggleNet Attends “Harry Potter: The Exhibition” Opening in Sydney


Earlier this week, MuggleNet was able to attend a preview of Harry Potter: The Exhibition in Sydney, Australia. You can watch the press conference above.

Jenna Pres attended on behalf of the site and wrote a full report of her experience, as well as talks about her conversations with those behind the exhibition, Eddie Newquist and Robin Stapley, and actors James and Oliver Phelps (Fred and George Weasley).

So how has the Exhibition changed since it opened several years ago in Chicago?

What [we] Australians will get as an extra treat is the collection of all the Horcruxes [save Harry himself, Nagini the snake, and of course what is left of Voldemort’s soul in himself]. This is the first time the Exhibition has contained all the Horcruxes in one place. Indeed, it is the first time anyone has ever seen all the Horcruxes together, including those who worked on the films. What we also see are the Deathly Hallows themselves. This is the first time they have all been united in one place, so that small space behind the glass is officially [t]he True Master of Death!

Harry Potter: The Exhibition is about to open in a few hours at Sydney’s Powerhouse Museum and will be there through March 18, 2012.

As per Jenna’s report, plans are still in place for future international stops, but they have yet to be determined.


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