Alohomora! Episode 15: ‘A Damp Squib’ is now available… and Go Vote!

The fifteenth episode of Alohomora! is now available for download! Listen in as hosts Noah, Caleb, and Rosie talk with fan guest Jonathan, who brings some great discussion to the show! This week the hosts continue the journey and cover Chapters 11 & 12 of Chamber of Secrets. You can listen to the show directly in your browser below.

On the show we discuss…


– Episode 14 Recap: Writing on the Wall, Parselmouth, Mrs. Norris, Lockhart’s Vanity, Fear or Bravery, & Hat Stalls
– Special Feature Recap: Trelawney’s Seeing Glass – Hidden Chambers
Alohomora! Homework: Wagga Wagga poems
– PQOTW Responses
– Harry Freakin’ Potter!
– The fire inside
– Why Snape?!?
– The most underrated moment in the series
– A phoenix’s life for me!
– Hermione’s alter ego
Special Feature: What if?
Question of the Week



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