MuggleNet interviews Miriam Margolyes

British actress Miriam Margolyes, known to Potter fans for playing Professor Sprout in the Harry Potter films, is currently performing her one-woman show, Dickens’ Women, on a comprehensive international tour. The show was written by Margolyes and Sonia Fraser, and features the BAFTA award-winning actress assuming 23 different roles from across Charles Dickens’ literature, “from doe-eyed young heroines to brow-beating old harridans – as she sets out to discover Charles Dickens himself.”

MuggleNet had the pleasure of interviewing Madam Margolyes recently, and that interview is now available on our site.

In our interview, Madam Margolyes spoke about the tour’s final stop, in Chicago, Illinois:

“My show is not a play – and it’s quite difficult to describe. It’s like, well, if I say it’s an animated lecture, that doesn’t nearly give you the thrill of it. Because let me tell you that every night, every night in Vancouver and everywhere else, the audience leaps to their feet at the end of the show… they are witnessing something rather extraordinary and they know it. And I know it, too – I know it’s my swan song. I won’t do it again. And my performances in Chicago will be the last performances of something that means a very great deal to me, so it’s extremely charged… I believe that the Chicago audience is a fitting audience for me to say goodbye. And I believe they will relish it.”

The Chicago production of Dickens’ Women OPENS TONIGHT at the Chicago Shakespeare Theater on Navy Pier, where it will see six performances between today and Saturday, December 22. Tickets are still available via the show’s page. This is truly a one-of-a-kind opportunity to see a veteran actress working passionately with familiar material and bringing great laughs and entertainment to an audience.

Also in our interview, we ask specific questions about Dickens, learn a lot in return, and we even find out which prop or item from the Harry Potter set the actress who plays the proud Head of Hufflepuff House took home with her! The interview is a must-read. We can’t wait to see the show!

Eric S.

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