Helena Bonham Carter at 100th London Critics’ Circle Awards

Transcribed by Felicia Grady, Aimee Schechter, and Kaytee Schwartz

Be the Red Carpet: What’s it like having such an insane fan base? They’re so loyal. I see there’s a squiggle going outside.

Helena Bonham Carter: It’s so sweet. I see lots of young women, which is very touching.

Be the Red Carpet: So they are insane. In a good way.

Helena Bonham Carter: Apparently, I’m insane. I mean, they seem to make me out… that I inspire their costumes or whatever, but as long as… Anyway, it’s nice to be liked, basically. Yeah, and they seem very happy and sweet and fun.

MuggleNet: I’m from MuggleNet, a Harry Potter fansite, so I’m a massive fan, and Bellatrix is huge among all the fans, but Rupert Grint has recently been confirmed to be filming some short scenes for the theme park, so I’m wondering if you know anything or are involved. Would you make any comment?

Helena Bonham Carter: I’m not sure if I’m allowed to say. I’ve think I’ve been gagged.

MuggleNet: So that’s a possible involvement then.

Helena Bonham Carter: Read what you will.

MuggleNet: Congratulations on your award tonight.

Helena Bonham Carter: Thank you.

Unknown: How does it feel to be honored tonight?

Helena Bonham Carter: It’s very nice to win an award. Because obviously, they’re a bit [unintelligible], and we all hate critics because we think they all hate us, and then you get a nice one, and you say [unintelligible], and basically, they echo your own inner critic. I think that’s why we give it so much importance and we give so much greatness. So anyway, obviously, it’s nice to get it off [unintelligible].

Unknown: You have so many iconic roles, and I guess that’s why you’re being honored tonight. Certainly, a handful is [unintelligible], Les Mis, and Harry Potter, everything. Is there one that is particularly close to your heart?

Helena Bonham Carter: It’s like choosing a favorite child. I know. No., I mean, I loved doing Mrs. Roberts, and I just hope I carry on getting them. The only thing about this award is that it’s a lifetime achievement; it sounds like someone hopes we would stop. I just want another good job.

Mail on Sunday: So what are you going to do now? Are you going to take some time off acting?

Helena Bonham Carter: I don’t know. Tim is taking some time out; we’re trying to be parents. Which is a lot harder than anything else.