37 Thoughts I Had While Rewatching “Fantastic Beasts” for the 15th Time

  • Iain Walker

    And I thought I had it bad after watching it only nine times …

    Re: 8. I assumed that Newt worked as a dragon-wrangler or something like that, i.e., in a support role that didn’t lend itself to flashy heroics.

    Re: 13. The Minister addresses Newt with a rather odd tone, sceptical yet also avuncular. Newt certainly seems to be seen as a troublemaker at home, and is definitely overshadowed by Theseus, but not necessarily disliked.

    Re: 17. and 18. And she doesn’t question the legality of the sentence. Is she simply too shocked at the “betrayal”, or is summary execution a common MACUSA thing?

    Re: 24. At a guess, the Lestranges are famous simply for being Dark and reactionary. Although my personal headcanon is that they were Huguenot refugees who settled in Britain in the 16th century and were also known for having some very weird Calvinist beliefs. Also, I doubt Leta is a natural Legilimens – Queenie isn’t exactly being subtle here, and so Newt doesn’t really need much prior experience with being Legilimensed to tell that she’s still doing it.

    Re: 28. Grindelwald used the Cruciatus on Aberforth, as per Aberforth’s account in DH. Graves’ electricity-whip spell seems to be something else, since it doesn’t match the depiction of the Cruciatus in the Potter movies.

    Re: 29. In fairness, from MACUSA’s point of view they’re trying to prevent even greater loss of life. It does seem odd, though, that Picquery frames Credence’s execution in terms of criminal responsibility, when Credence isn’t a member of their society and so (presumably) isn’t subject to their laws. But then maybe that’s what allows her to sleep at night.

    Re: 33. and 36. Jacob seems to have three outs from his Obliviation: the fact that Swooping Evil venom seems to preferentially target bad memories; possible interference by Queenie during the kiss; and the Murtlap bite (since we know that Murtlap essence protects against certain charms and curses). But I think it’s safe to say that he was Obliviated, if only temporarily – the final shot of the film is definitely that of a man whose memories are returning.

    Re: 37. Well, I’m hoping for a film that I’ll want to rewatch as often as the first one. And on the basis of what we’ve been shown/told so far, I think I’ll probably get it.