Author: McKay S.


Unraveling Petunia Dursley

Although she is just a supporting character in the “Harry Potter” series, I think that Petunia Dursley (née Evans) is one of the most complex characters. Petunia Dursley built a very high wall, and unlike platform nine and three-quarters, this one couldn’t be penetrated.


Ron Weasley Was Never Just a Sidekick

Sidekick who? The trio all brought strengths to the table throughout the seven “Harry Potter” books, and I truly believe that Ron was just as important as Harry or Hermione was to their success.

Teenage Severus Snape 0

The Significance of Always

There are so many “Harry Potter” tattoos with the word “always.” It’s in so many pieces of fan art. But is that the only “always” that matters in the “Harry Potter” series?