December 4, 2008 – The Tales of Beedle the Bard is released in the United States and United Kingdom. To the dismay of some Harry Potter fans, many bookstores did not hold midnight release parties like they did for other books in the Harry Potter series.

December 4, 2008 – The Tales of Beedle the Bard is released in the United States and United Kingdom. To the dismay of some Harry Potter fans, many bookstores did not hold midnight release parties like they did for other books in the Harry Potter series.

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  1. Olive says:

    The fact people who love J.K. Rowling and her writing immediately believed that she had said anything like that from the start is immensely disappointing. It was such an out of character and blunt statement that it was clearly designed to insight debate among fans. All you have to do is read the books to know that there was no way Harry and Hermione were a likely coupling and for the author herself to undermine years of work and dedication to a book series like that? To not even understand her own characters?! She would have to have rewritten the entire series to justify coupling Harry and Hermione as anything more than friends. JKR has never been the type of person to pull shallow publicity stunts and that’s what this was – the press trying to stir up the Harry Potter fandom and it worked. Well done people, well done to those of you who instantly believed this instead of considering the possibility that without the published interview to back it up, that maybe it wasn’t true.

  2. Josh says:

    Instead of riding your journalism high horse, you guys should consider the fact that the writing on the MuggleNet home page has been horrific over the past year or two.

  3. Phil Boswell says:

    I was convinced we were being trolled by somebody at some point down the line: shame it turned out to be so-called reputable news sources >_<

  4. fanofJKR says:

    Who cares what she said, she wrote the books! It’s her story, not ours! I love Harry Potter, but we wouldn’t have him (or any of them for that matter), if she didn’t think them up. So, she has a right to say, or not say, anything she wants.

  5. Jane says:

    “So we finally reach a point that should satisfy all true Harry Potter fans: the story does not change.”

    Excuse me….ALL TRUE Harry Potter fans?! So because I ship a completely plausible ship, in your eyes, I AM NOT A TRUE FAN?!

    THIS ^ is the type of audacity that we (Harmony shippers) have had to
    deal with, and we are STILL dealing with it! How DARE you. Where do you
    get the right to consider yourselves TRUE fans?

    Screw you. I am so done with your bull and your bias. *You* disgrace the name of Harry Potter fans.

    • Caleb says:

      I think you unfortunately misinterpreted my meaning. I have no problem with people shipping Harry and Hermione. As I stated in this piece, I think Rowling did a beautiful job of acknowledging the legitimacy of the ship and gave a nod to what might have been with those two.

      My quote that you’ve misinterpreted is rather remarking on how Potter fans would not want J.K. Rowling to go back and re-write the books and change the story/outcome.

      • Jane says:

        I didn’t misunderstand your meaning. I’m sure you are telling the truth about not having an issue with the H/Hr pairing, but your article does not fully reflect that.

        And once again, please do not lump a good portion of fans’ opinions to stand for the whole. You said how Potter fans wouldn’t want her to re-write/change the series, when in actuality there are plenty of fans who would welcome such a change. You can’t discredit the opinions of others so flippantly. It’s not factual, short-sighted, and quite frankly, offensive.

        (Also, after re-reading your editorial: Why would the chance of Ron not being paired with Hermione mean that he’d be unhappy? Perhaps he could have found love elsewhere. Its the continued assumption that the pair are nothing without one another that continue to upset me (as a fan in general). The characters are all strong in their individual rights. This isn’t like Twilight (no offense to those fans), where the story focuses on relationships to make the characters happy.)

        Your article, like many found on Mugglenet, choose to focus solely on the Ron/Hermione pairing.

        I do however, give you credit, as you address that the creater/writer always has valued input about her own story. The readers can feel a sense of ownership/attachment to it, but that doesn’t mean they can discredit the author’s opinion. At least you point out that out in your editorial. I’ve seen many other articles/posts slam her for voicing her opinion.

        But I stand by what I said in my original post in the comments. You wrote, ‘should satisfy all true Harry Potter fans’. You cannot and should not discount other fans because they don’t recognize the canon ship. That doesn’t lessen or cheapen them in the fandom.

        Also, your article chooses to solely focus on the quotes about Ron/Hermione, and doesn’t include any quotes whatsoever about the Harry/Hermione pairing, and how well they would have worked.

        • LeslieLovegood says:

          I think the point he’s making here, is that true fans would not want JKR to suddenly come out and change every thing we believed for so long. Whether you or anyone likes Ron and Hermione, they are together, they end up married, it’s cannon and with in the universe it’s fact.

          If JKR had really come back years post the publication of DH and said, “Hey I screwed up, it should have been Harry and Hermione” that certainly ruins a lot for fans of the series.

          It has nothing to do with shipping a certain pairing making you a true fan. It’s that a true fan would not want to have to question if everything she wrote is really what she meant, or if she’s having second thoughts.

          • Jane says:

            The problem is his terminology. I am just as much a ‘true fan’ to the series, but cannot back (and never had) the pairings the way the happened in the books (films). I think the term that would be more appropriate here, would be ‘purist’. Those who want to leave the series untouched.

            The pairings as they stood in the series, ruined the books for a lot of us, and although we hate it, we don’t whine about it.

            The main problem I saw within this fandom, was that fans (predominantly purists/’true fans’ as is labeled here) were attacking her for voicing her opinion. Its her work, its her characters…she has that right. And I am glad that this editorial points that out.

            I think the majority of the Harry/Hermione shippers appreciate above all, the fact that Jo articulated why Harry and Hermione would make such a great couple. As opposed to hearing nonstop abuse from other opposing shippers in the fandom. Which can easily taint the experience as an overall Potter fan.

            I’m just saying, ship whomever you want. More power to ya. Just don’t assume one ship is better than another, and don’t claim to be ‘true fans’ of a series. If you love the characters and story overall, that can make you a ‘true fan’. Just be careful with how you classify fans. Thank you.

    • disqus_Imoi7LGhwf says:

      And here you go again… next you’ll compare your plight to that of black slaves, just like 10 years ago.

      Really, what more can we expect from you Harmony shippers?

  6. Becca H says:

    I would like to print this off and staple it to certain people’s faces. (Also love how you very tactfully didn’t mention Hypable by name =P)

  7. H Mir says:

    I think what’s so sad is us, the Potter fandom, the ones who dealt with the Daily Prophet sullying Harry/Dumbledore’s name in books 5 and 7 through sensationalism, fell for the media. The entire article wasn’t even out and many of us assumed our Romione ship had sunk for good. I’m sorry for doubting you, JKR, even though you taught us to never believe the media.

  8. Lexxie says:

    “Oh, maybe she and Ron will be alright with a bit of counseling, you know.”

    This statement from the writer would not make me feel relieved and joyous about my ship. They are miserable but can live with it is not happiness.

    • RickJM says:

      I noticed how you left out the last part of the interview Lexxie. You know, the part where she reconfirms Ron and Hermione.

  9. Guy says:

    Umm, aren’t these fictional characters? So everyone is getting upset about a hypothetical reality for people who were already imaginary in the first place? There HAS to be something more important than this going on around you…

  10. Ashleigh Stacy-Reese says:

    I completely agree. What a well-written blog you have here as well. Kudos!

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