Potter DIY – CosPlay

Make sure to WOW everyone at your next convention with the latest and greatest in Harry Potter garb! Our cosplay section is sure to have a tutorial to fit your role-playing needs. Wardrobe need a little update? Try our DIY Hogwarts blazer! What about a wand – haven’t got one of those yet? MuggleNet has you covered.


Potter DIY: Luna Lovegood Butterbeer Cork Necklace

This Luna Lovegood cork necklace is not only a fantastic piece to sport and represent your love for the fandom, but also a must for anyone looking to cosplay Luna!

dobby hat

Potter DIY: House-Elf Halloween Costume

This easy house-elf crochet DIY will make the PERFECT Halloween/”Harry Potter” costume for your child!


Potter DIY: Wand

Wands are a staple in wizard society and one of the most popular DIYs in the “Potter” fandom. This how-to shows the intricacy and creativity it takes to create a wand that can fit your personality just right! These are great for cosplay, Halloween, or a “Potter”-themed party!


Potter DIY: Hogwarts Blazer

Add a touch of magic to your Muggle wardrobe with this awesome DIY Hogwarts blazer! This easy-to-make blazer is great way to show House pride wherever you are. This is great for reviving old articles of clothing just sitting in your closet, cosplay, or even as a gift!

death eaters

Potter DIY: Death Eater Mask

While a Death Eater mask certainly isn’t the nicest thing to look at, this cool DIY will undoubtedly come in handy for Halloween or cosplay functions. Heck, they even make for some pretty cool wall decor if you don’t spook easily.


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