Potter DIY – Holiday

Staying at Hogwarts for the holidays? Perfect, so are we. Here you’ll find enough decoration DIYs to deck out all 12 Christmas trees in the Great Hall! If you’re looking for that last little Harry Potter-inspired touch to help with the Christmas spirit, you’re in the right place.

Potter DIY: Turn Any Knitted Sweater into a Weasley Jumper

Treat the “Harry Potter” lover in your life to a personalized Weasley jumper this Christmas. Check out this easy DIY to see how to make anyone feel like a Weasley.


Potter DIY: Magical Gift Bags and How to Make Them!

Need a “Potter” bag for your perfect “Potter” gift? Look no further since we’ve got it covered for you!


Potter DIY: Harry Potter Snow Globe

It’s crafting time! Create your own magical snow globe with these simple instructions and inexpensive supplies.

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potions ornament

Potter DIY: Potions Ornament

Looking to spruce up that Christmas tree of yours and spread the holiday cheer, “Potter” style? Get your pliers ready because Polly over at Pieces by Polly is going to help us do just that!

dobby hat

Potter DIY: House-Elf Halloween Costume

This easy house-elf crochet DIY will make the PERFECT Halloween/”Harry Potter” costume for your child!

DIY Hogwarts house ornaments

Potter DIY: Hogwarts House Ornaments

You probably thought at one time or another that a “Harry Potter”-themed Christmas tree would be perfect. Buying new ornaments every time you want a change in theme can get expensive, so we’ve got you covered with some DIY ornaments. These Hogwarts House ornaments are simple and look great.


Potter DIY: Felix Felicis Necklace

This post will walk you through the steps of creating your own necklace of liquid luck! This craft can also double as a cute Christmas tree ornament if you attach a hook or a smaller chain loop to the top instead of hanging it on a necklace.


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