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How long have you been a MuggleNet reader? Most of our staff grew up following the site, and we bet you did too. We are very proud to have a large staff of over 100 volunteers. Yes, volunteers, nearly all of them unpaid. We aren’t here for a giant payday. We are a part of this fandom because we love it. This has been true since our founding over 20 years ago in 1999, and it will be true 20 years from now. We are here for the long haul. Unfortunately, being able to quote whole passages of our favorite series doesn’t pay the bills.

This is where YOU come in. With your help, we can give back to our volunteers, without which we would not exist. 100% of all pledges from our Patreon are allocated to our long-term, hardworking volunteers. Pledges start at $5 per month and include an exclusive Discord server as well as monthly opportunities to win valued at at least $50.


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