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Soon to be released: Hogwarts house wall graphics from Wallsauce


Wallsauce has something new for all "Harry Potter" fans! Click to see how this will revolutionize your room! Read More »

WOULD YOU RATHER… have the series remade or left alone? #MNWYR

MNWYR article cover photo

I often consider the possibility of a "Harry Potter" remake, and while it most likely wouldn’t happen for at least another ten years if it happens at all, I have huge reservations along with the possible improvements that could be made. Read More »

“Harry Potter” actors make list of most influential British comedians


Who knew "Harry Potter" had such funny actors?! Three "Potter" actors have been named some of the most influential British comedians of all time. Click here to see where they rank! Read More »

Alfonso Cuarón’s “Gravity” to be released in two new versions


The Diamond Luxe Edition of "Gravity" is on its way. Are you ready to know what it would be like in space? Read More »

Book Review: “The Weird Sisters” by Eleanor Brown


The book introduces us to the Andreas sisters - three young women, two of whom are in their twenties and one in her early thirties - who reunite in the small college town where they were raised to care for their now-ill mother. The three sisters must now deal with their past, present, and future while simultaneously dealing with each other, something they haven’t done since they were little. Read More »

Quiz: Who is your Hogwarts best friend?

Harry Potter Quiz who is your best friend

This fun new quiz, created in celebration of the lovely new covers by artist Jonny Duddle, will help you figure out whom you would've been chummy with during your years at Hogwarts. Since everyone at MuggleNet laments their name not being on that magical list, some of us decided to take the quiz ourselves and share the results, plus what antics we would surely get up to with our Hogwarts best friend. Read More »