Harry Potter characters and their Disney counterparts: Dumbledore and Mufasa

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Are Dumbledore and Mufasa the perfect counterparts? Read further to find out! Read More »

Book Review: “I Am Princess X” by Cherie Priest

I Am Princess X Cover

"I Am Princess X" by Cherie Priest gives literary voice to pretty much every friend I had growing up—pizza-eating, video-game playing, comic-writing 12-year-old girls. I will never stop advocating for books about the bonds of female friendship, especially if they forgo romance altogether, and "I Am Princess X" is a prime example of both. Read More »

The Meaning Behind the Animals of Hogwarts Houses: The Slytherin Snake


Because "Harry Potter" fans have come to learn that nothing J.K. Rowling writes is by chance, I embarked on this journey to look at the animal emblems of all four Hogwarts Houses. I wanted to find out how previously recorded legends, myths, and other symbolic systems mentioned these animals and how the nature of the animals in traditional symbolism reflected the House values in Rowling’s work. Gryffindor is an obvious connection between the symbol of a lion and bravery. I had to do a little more research when it came to the Ravenclaw eagle and the Hufflepuff badger, but there were interesting findings regarding those two animals and how they connected to their respective houses. For today’s post I’ll be concentrating on Slytherin House and its snake emblem. Read More »

Who Was the Potters’ Cat?


What happened to the Potter family cat after Lily and James were murdered? Read More »