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MuggleNet Staff Member of the Month:

November 2019

Recognizing outstanding work, the MuggleNet Staff Member of the Month is chosen based on an individual’s contributions from the previous month. Congratulations to this month’s staff member! You’ve earned it.

Staff Member of the Month

Dana Catarina

Social Media Promoter


Staff Member of the Month: 11/2019

When I was two years old, that’s when my relationship with Harry and his magical world began! My brother who is seven years older than I am would sit with me and watch Chamber of Secrets endlessly each and every day. I am a very proud Slytherin who believes in magic until the ends of the Earth patiently waiting in central New Jersey on my Hogwarts letter.
Besides living for and loving the magical world of Harry Potter, I am a Legilimens hiding in the Muggle world (I study psychology at Monmouth University)! I love to read, write, belt Broadway and Disney songs, act, watch and study movies, and most of all, jam out to good ol’ rock and roll! I spend my free time freaking out over all things geek; you ask me if I like it, you’ll most likely get a yes!


Emerson Spartz


One of the houses

I founded MuggleNet in 1999. I was 12. I was bored. And homeschooled. I graduated from Notre Dame. I have two brothers, Dylan and Drew. They are awesome. I play lots of sports. I am a HUGE nerd. I read between 100-200 non-fiction books a year. I'm a pathological optimist.

At first, I thought I was "too cool" for Harry Potter. Wizards, broomsticks?! Kid stuff! Then I read the first two books in one night. And PoA the next night. And started MuggleNet a month later.

I met J.K. Rowling. Yes, it was the highlight of my life. The night Book 7 came out was crazy. I proposed to my wife Gaby Montero at a Chicago Bulls game. She's adorable. Geraldo likes me. This news anchor is dumb.

I co-founded GivesMeHope (it's like FML, but happy) with my wife, and together we operate DOSE Media (Formerly Spartz Media Inc.) in Chicago, Illinois.

By the way, if you email me and don't get a response back, please don't take it personally. My typing monkeys have been threatening to strike, and my inbox is a disaster area.


Felicia Grady

Managing Editor



I've been living and breathing Harry Potter for so long, I don't even recall how I first got into the series, though I've come to the conclusion that it must have been a 1999 Scholastic Book Fair. After the books and movies had all been released, I felt a sense of emptiness and quickly answered the call to join the transcription team for MuggleNet's newest podcast, Alohomora!, in July 2012. I rose through the ranks and officially joined MuggleNet staff in September 2013 as the site's first copy editor, later being promoted to Senior Copy Editor in January 2015. I am very fortunate to have found my place at MuggleNet, and I'm forever grateful for the friends I have made here and the opportunities that working with the site has afforded me.

On the one hand, my favorite Harry Potter character is Hermione Granger, and I am often compared to her by both friends and recent acquaintances. On the other hand, the qualities of Hufflepuff House are ones I try to live by, and you could pay me no greater compliment than to say that I embody them. In real life, I am a professional translator (Spanish, Portuguese, and French into English) living in northern California. Most of my free time is spent watching movies, but I also enjoy hiking, traveling, and trying out new things.

Kat Miller

Creative & Marketing Director



I credit my obsessive love of Harry Potter to one of my oldest friends, Hope. She convinced me to watch Sorcerer's Stone one hot, sticky summer afternoon, and I was immediately drawn in. I went right out, purchased the books (thru Goblet of Fire), and devoured them in no time. Harry renewed a love for reading that I had long since lost. I stumbled upon MuggleNet shortly after and became a frequent visitor. I was hired in 2006 as a gallery coder, took over and reinvented Fan of the Week in February 2009, was promoted to Senior Staff in 2011, finally landing in my current Management position in April 2013. You can also find me on MuggleNet's global re-read podcast Alohomora! - of which I am one of the show's co-creators.

When I am not dealing with all things Harry Potter or MuggleNet, you will likely find me riding my bike, practicing American Sign Language with my local club, or at home snuggling with my cats (Tibby & Narcissa). The travel bug has bitten me hard over the last few years, so you may also bump into me in an airport while en route to visiting a friend! I've been lucky in life and can attribute a lot of that to Harry Potter. Without it, I wouldn't have at least 80% of the things that I do today, including my job & closest friends. I am enjoying the rejuvenation of the Potter fandom and all of the "fantastic" things that come along with it!

Senior Management

Eric Scull

Senior Contributing Editor


I have enjoyed contributing content to MuggleNet since late 2002, when I was very young. Since then, I've traveled the globe with friends, something that would not have been possible without either the confidence that the Potter books inspired within me or the opportunities that resulted from my work here on the site and on MuggleCast. I was born in Reading, Pennsylvania and now reside in Chicago, Illinois. I have a full-time job and live with two roommates, each with big friendly canines. I enjoy life, and I pursue writing as a passion.

Jessica Jordan

Senior Journalist & Marketing Assistant


I've been a huge fan of Harry Potter since the year 2000. I even dressed up like him once for a costume contest! I was outraged when I didn't win. Another time, my mother and I drove 800 miles in a car with no air conditioning (in July!) so that I could visit the Knight Bus when it was on tour for Deathly Hallows. In the end, it was all worth it because now I am a MuggleNet staff member! I'm thrilled to be a part of the MuggleNet team, bringing all the latest Harry Potter news to fans. In my real life, I'm a bookseller in the Greater Boston area.

Team Management

Content Management Specialists

Beth Warsaw

Content Team Manager


Staff Member of the Month: 04/2016

My foray into the Harry Potter series was back when my parents were still reading to me before bed every night. My dad read me the first three books, but by Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, I secretly started reading ahead because I just NEEDED to know what happened next! The Sorcerer's Stone movie was the first movie I ever bought with my own money, and I ended up with both the VHS and DVD versions because I never wanted to be in a situation where I couldn't watch it (I'm aware that this was insane). A mutual love of Harry Potter has been the foundation for so many friendships, some that have lasted many years. Harry Potter is my comfort when I'm sad, my calm when I'm stressed, and my joy in all of life. I've grown up with Harry Potter, the series, but also with Harry Potter, the boy - and that is an experience for which I will be forever grateful. Not only has my love for Harry Potter stayed strong through all these years, but it also taught me that fiercely loving something is a wonderful feeling. I have found happiness in many different fandoms, but Harry Potter will always be my home.

Beyond Harry Potter, I have a degree in Computer Science and I'm working in Silicon Valley as a developer. In my free time, you can usually find me watching Netflix, playing board games, or reading novels and comic books (but probably just Harry Potter, let's be honest).

Elizabeth Vasquez

Content Team Manager


Staff Member of the Month: 03/2016

I can't recall when I began the series (I was that young), but I remember watching the first movie and thinking, "I have got to read that!" The rest is history. Through the magic these books introduced into my life, I found out what it meant to love reading, which led me to foster my love for writing. Harry Potter has provided an outlet that has allowed me to connect and become involved in a loving, creative, and truly phenomenal - at the best of times - community. MuggleNet has been apart of my life for years now, and because of my involvement within it, I've been able to cross off items from my dream bucket list that I never considered possible. I owe Harry Potter so much; I'll always be grateful. "Anything's possible if you've got enough nerve"!

Right now, I'm a full-time student at California State University, Fullerton, working towards my BA degree in English. I am a full supporter of indulging on the nerdy side of life, as I basically live at Disneyland and now at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter over in Hollywood Studios. Nowadays I'm 80% Harry Potter, 10% Hamilton: An American Musical, 5% musicals/movies, and 5% Butterbeer!

Emily Sniegowski

Content Team - Archival Manager


Staff Member of the Month: 08/2016

I have always been a reader, thanks to my parents. As a child, my mom would read us the traditional children's books like Goodnight Moon and The Very Hungry Caterpillar. But when Mom was tired or busy, Dad would pick Robert Lewis Stevenson and Edgar Allan Poe, who (instead of scarring me for life) created in me a love of literature. When Harry Potter came along, I was hooked. I spent hours on my parents' computer (sorry, Mom and Dad) on MuggleNet and MySpace, listening to wizard rock and nerding out with other people like me. When I grew up a little, I became a high school English teacher for a while, and now I am a librarian. Because of Harry Potter, I want to dedicate my career to literacy. When I'm not being bookish, I'm probably watching Disney movies or singing Broadway show tunes at the top of my lungs, accompanied by cheesy choreography.

Katy Cartee Haile

Content Team Assistant Manager



Ignoring the bidding of my brother and mother, I passed Harry Potter off as a fad until the first movie came out. I saw it rather by accident and fell immediately in love. I was 22. I devoured all three books within a matter of days and immediately sought out other fans online. MuggleNet was my first stop, and then I became active in the "HPforGrownups" Yahoo Group when I realized I was older than most fans. I went to all of the midnight book and movie releases after that, and the WWoHP-Orlando has become a yearly mecca.

I began as a transcriber for MuggleNet but quickly moved to the Content Team where my 20 years of experience creating and maintaining websites could be better utilized. And it wasn't long before I also became a host on Alohomora!, where my 12 years of podcasting experience could also be put to use! I feel very fortunate to be a part of the MuggleNet family. You can find me elsewhere on the web supporting my other passions at rainbowbrite.net, thebritecast.com, and masterscast.com.

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Amy Hogan

Creative Media Manager


Staff Member of the Month: 10/2015

I was introduced to Harry Potter at age 9 when my aunt gifted me the first film for Christmas. The very next day I began my journey with the books. On my twelfth birthday I went to a bookstore to watch Emerson Spartz host a discussion about what might happen in book 7. I never dreamed that seven years later I would begin working for MuggleNet.com.

I joined the Creative Team in May 2014, and whether it’s writing fashion columns in the voice of Gilderoy Lockhart, performing analysis of the series, or conceptualizing ways to get the Harry Potter community involved over social media (Remember to #PotterItForward!), I know how lucky I am to be involved in something that makes me this happy.

My Muggle credentials include a degree in Broadcasting and Mass Media with an English minor. In my spare time I enjoy jamming out at country concerts, directing short films, reading, and cheering on my home team (Let’s go Mets!). As far as the future goes, I will continue to spend time with the Harry Potter fandom through contributing to MuggleNet and holding tight to the books that got me through so much of my life. Here’s hoping the journey never ends.

Richa Venkatraman

Creative Editorial Manager



I don’t have many memories of myself or my life before Harry Potter. I can only vaguely remember seeing Prisoner of Azkaban on my cousin’s bed one day, picking it up, falling into it headfirst, and never bothering to climb out again. Eleven years later, my paperback copies of the books have been patched up multiple times with a considerable amount of Spellotape, and the world contained within has infused every aspect of my life with its magic. I thoroughly enjoy extensive contemplation and analysis of all things pertaining to the wizarding world, its characters, its stories, and its connections to the Muggle world. I have memorized large passages of the books and can quote most of the dialogue of the movies and the StarKid plays. I enjoy reading all kinds of literature and writing fan fiction, short stories, and (most importantly) creative articles for MuggleNet. I love playing guitar and percussion (especially mallet instruments) and often find myself making up songs about Harry Potter characters. Essentially, I have burrowed deep into the Potter universe, and I have no intention of leaving.

Oh, and in my spare time I study biology and society at Arizona State University. I cannot say much about my plans for the future, but much like Hermione Granger, I hope to do some good in the world.

Victor Chan

Creative Editorial Manager


Staff Member of the Month: 04/2018

Harry Potter is the Deluminator of my life, my source of light in the darkness. I first read Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone in 1999, and since then, I have been enchanted by the wizarding world and immersed in the fandom. Harry Potter to me is home. I discovered myself through Potter, and the books have invaluably shaped my life - I owe my intense love for writing to Potter.

Harry Potter's greatest magic isn't the spellwork that fills its pages, but the life lessons that it instills in its readers - compassion, love, and tolerance - and as a proud Hufflepuff, I strive to epitomize the very best values of that House. Having spent countless hours visiting MuggleNet, and listening to MuggleCast and Alohomora!, I was delighted to join the site's Creative Team in 2017.

My passion for Potter is only rivaled by my love for Prince. After all, music is "a magic beyond all."

Zoe Fleury

Creative Media Manager


Staff Member of the Month: 11/2017

I fell in love with Harry Potter when I was only seven. I had never read a book quite that long, but after seeing the first few movies, I was determined. And I did it!

I was born in Belgium and split my time between sunny California and the tiny little country in Europe. I remember when I was 11, I was very concerned with exactly which months my family would be staying. Why? I was awfully worried that if I were in California, I wouldn't receive my letter. If I were in Belgium during the summer months, surely the owls wouldn't have much trouble crossing the English Channel!

I am still waiting for that letter. Until then, I happily live in Los Angeles, where I edit videos for MuggleNet and can spend the day at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter whenever I fancy it.

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Gretchen Roesch

News Team Manager


Staff Member of the Month: 09/2018, 09/2019

I started reading Harry Potter around age ten and quickly became immersed in the fandom. I listened to MuggleCast and wrote fan fiction (under the original, and somehow still available, pen name "HermioneRules"). My sister used to tell all her friends that I had memorized every line in Chamber of Secrets. My mom has been making me Harry Potter clothing for years, and I'm very proud of my unique Potter items. When Potter is such a huge part of who you are, it doesn't even surprise people when you start working for a Potter fansite. I joined the MuggleNet News Team in 2018, and I have been having a blast bringing the news to fans like myself!

In my Muggle life, I have a bachelor's in English education and a master's in literacy. I spend my free time reading young adult novels, making vegan food, and running. In 2018, I ran my first marathon, spending lots of training hours listening to MuggleNet podcasts. I'm excited to continue bringing the news to MuggleNet readers!

Catherine Lai

Senior News Administrator



Over the years, Harry Potter has become an increasingly significant part of my life. I first fell in love with the series in 2000, shortly before the fourth book came out. In 2005, I discovered MuggleNet and the online fandom, subsequently becoming a fan of wizard rock and Harry Potter podcasts. In 2010, I went to my first Harry Potter convention, which was in Orlando the year that the theme park opened. And in 2013, I joined the MuggleNet News Team, which felt like a dream come true. In 2016 and 2017, I expanded my roles with the site as a copy editor and a News Team manager. I’m eternally grateful for all the wonderful people, experiences, and general positivity that Harry Potter and MuggleNet have brought me.

In my Muggle life, I live in Toronto, Canada, and work as a freelance editor and proofreader – but even this career path is one that was inspired by MuggleNet.

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Social Media

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Alison Siggard

Staff Coordinator


Staff Member of the Month: 02/2016

I've been a Harry Potter fanatic for as long as I can remember. I first read the books when I was about five or six (I could barely reach the shelf!), and I've since read them over 50 times each. The worst punishment my mom used to use on me was taking the books away; she even hid Order of the Phoenix from me so that she and my siblings could read it before it became permanently attached to my hands. I've been a MuggleNet staff member since 2013, and I have been involved in the Alohomora! podcast from the beginning, becoming a host in 2015. I've also become Cursed Child's number one defender.

In the Muggle world, I'm a high school English teacher. I also write, and I love music, tennis, and analyzing books, movies, theatre, and TV shows. If you want to imagine me, imagine Hermione – I've been told that I both look and act exactly like her, from the bossiness to the frizzy hair!

Amanda Evans

Social Media Campaign Coordinator


I started my Harry Potter journey with the movies. My whole family loved them, so we went to the premieres as they came out and I loved them! When I got older, I realized I needed to read the books and it's been an obsession ever since. I've been lucky enough to surround myself with other Potter lovers to share the magic with, so I'm always immersed in the wizarding world. Now, Order of the Phoenix is my favorite book and I always seem to be in the middle of a series reread.

In my Muggle life, I'm a college student at Purdue University getting a degree in Professional Writing and Anthropology, and I work as an intern in social media marketing. After graduating, I hope to continue in social media.

Aurelia Lieb

Standards & Procedures Coordinator


Staff Member of the Month: 12/2017

I read the first Harry Potter book when I was 9 and was instantly drawn into this grand new world. I quickly was known as the girl who knows everything about the Potter universe in school and often was the one person people sought out to talk Potter with. Harry Potter also started my interest in Britain as a country and the English language and so the books led the way to perfecting my language skills. And soon enough, I discovered that English websites on the topic of Harry Potter were much better than the German ones. MuggleNet became my number one source for anything Potter related. I learned about fan fiction and other cool internet activities as well as the latest news.

I relate Harry Potter with the good times and the great friends I made through these books. I remember reading the last three books all in one sitting because I couldn’t put the books down. The story gave me the courage to go on a trip around the world. Harry Potter is also the one thing that always gets me through the tough times and helps me see the good in the world when everything else fails. I am thrilled to be a part of MuggleNet and hope my contribution to this great website will ensure its popularity.

Aside from Harry Potter, I enjoy playing basketball, traveling, reading, going to the movies and watching Doctor Who.

Brienne Green

News Analyst


Staff Member of the Month: 06/2019

I thought I'd knock out a few chapters before bed on the night I was given Philosopher's Stone. The next thing I remember, I was beating on my cousin's door at 4 a.m., begging for her copy of Chamber of Secrets. Along the way, I developed a Marauders obsession, and as a friend wrote in one of my yearbooks, "You belonged at Hogwarts in the '70s, but you'd probably have just dropped out and run off with Sirius Black." It's good to have friends who really know you.

In the Muggle world, I'm the editor and sports editor of a daily newspaper in New Mexico. I love to write poetry and fiction, and play piano, violin, and guitar. I'm thrilled to be part of a website that's always helped fuel my love of the wizarding world.

Helene Karp

Marketing Manager



When I was about 8 or so, my dad tried to get me to read more by offering to pay me a penny a page for every book that I completed. Being the savvy 8 year old that I was, I saw the Harry Potter series as the perfect opportunity to take him on his word and collect a huge paycheck! I had no idea that I would fall so in love with the stories and characters these books introduced me to. I was so passionate about them that my dad ended up reading them, too. Ever since, he's taken me to every midnight book release and movie premiere.

I completed my Muggle education at the University of Minnesota and work full time in sales and marketing. When I'm not working or re-reading Harry Potter, I'm usually watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Veronica Mars, or Friends. I'm also a movie addict so if you're ever looking for me, try the theater.

Laurie Beckoff

Campaign Coordinator



My journey with Harry Potter began in 2000 at the age of six with my parents reading it aloud to me. It sparked a lifelong love of reading, fantasy, Latin, and medieval literature, leading me to pursue a bachelor's degree in English at the University of Chicago and a master's in Medieval Literatures and Cultures at the University of Edinburgh. I presented my undergraduate thesis, "All the Difference in the World: Action, Circumstance, and Genre in Harry Potter and Le Morte D'Arthur," at the 5th Annual Harry Potter Conference at Chestnut Hill College and an early version of my master's dissertation, "From Sword to Sorcery: The Medieval(ist) Juxtaposition of Magic and Might in Harry Potter," at the 2nd Annual Glasgow International Fantasy Conversations (GIFCon) at the University of Glasgow. I have volunteered for the International Quidditch Association as a member of editorial staff and the Entertainment Coordinator for Quidditch World Cups VI and VII, working with acts such as Harry and the Potters and Team StarKid. I'm originally from New York City. My other interests include theatre, dance, and science fiction.

Lizzie Sudlow

Recruiting Coordinator


Staff Member of the Month: 11/2015, 03/2018

I've been with MuggleNet since I graduated from SUNY Oneonta (the real Red Dragons – looking at you, Cortland) in 2015 with my degree in Mass Communications with a concentration in Media Studies and a double minor in English and Journalism. I proudly identify as a mix of Gryffindor and Ravenclaw at Hogwarts, and Wampus at Ilvermorny. In addition to being the site's Recruiting Coordinator, I'm also a rotating host of MuggleNet's Fantastic Beasts-themed podcast, SpeakBeasty.

In Muggle life, I work in Manhattan as part of the Video team at Refinery29. When not working on MuggleNet, I'm often wishing I could take a nap or a bath. I love to cook and bake, read from my ever-growing pile of books, go to karaoke with my fiance, and snuggle with my cat, Leia.

Some fun facts about me are that I was introduced onstage at LeakyCon 2012 by Evanna Lynch and that I helped found a Potter club at SUNY Oneonta and went on to serve as President for two years.

Lorena Wildering

Standards & Procedures Assistant


Staff Member of the Month: 05/2018

I was nine years old when I first watched Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone at the cinema and completely fell in love with it. I immediately raced to the closest bookstore and bought the first four books. The rest, as they say, is history. Since then, I've been a passionate Potterhead, and it has become a part of my everyday. I'm lucky enough to have friends to share this love for Potter with, and I've also been known to turn people who once ignored it into diehard fans.

When I'm not quoting the movies on the hour, I'm a copywriter and have worked in branding, advertising, and marketing (while listening to the movie soundtracks on repeat). I'm from sunny Lisbon, Portugal, and it's a great honor to represent my country on MuggleNet.

I watch way more TV shows than I should, I love reading, and I prefer communicating through GIFs. Lover of London, airports, crispy croissants, and my dog, Joey. An ideal day means staying in with a warm cup of Earl Grey tea, a good book, and my comfy Harry Potter pajamas.

Marissa Osman

Transcript Coordinator



I don't remember a time when I wasn't a Harry Potter fan. It started with the movies and spread to the books. Unfortunately I was just a couple of years behind the Potter generation; thanks a lot, Mom and Dad! I made up for it though, as I'm now in my early twenties and have curated quite the obsession with our Wizarding World. I'm a Ravenclaw and I fancy myself a Hermione wannabe, so I'm full of Potter information and you can find my nose almost always buried in a book. As far as my Muggle job goes, I make and sell comical candles. I tell people it's because it was the closest I could come to being like Fred and George. I am also in university studying to become a professor of literature, so one could say I aspire to be a bit like the lovely Minerva McGonagall. However, my dearest aspiration in life is to discover what is, exactly, the function of a rubber duck.

My Muggle job and studies take up most of my time, but when I have spare moments I read, write, and fangirl. The most exciting Potter things I have ever done include visiting the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando, touring Warner Bros. Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter, and seeing Cursed Child in the Palace Theatre performed by the original cast and meeting said cast!

I am forever grateful to J.K. Rowling and credit her for creating the work that shaped my life into what it is today.

Meg Scott

Copy Editing Coordinator



Human since 1993 and Potter fan since 2001, currently working toward a master's degree in art therapy at George Washington University in DC. Things I like: all animals, seeing live music, crème brûlée, Dana Scully, creating art about beds and hands, the color turquoise, a good cup of tea. Things I don't like so much: arrogance, avocados, waking up early, anxiety.

Nicole Olmsted

Social Media Coordinator


Staff Member of the Month: 08/2017

I was seven years old when Harry Potter first became a part of my life. My grandmother bought me a copy of Sorcerer's Stone from my elementary school's Scholastic Book Fair shortly after it was released. However, it was reading Prisoner of Azkaban that truly started the obsession. I started visiting MuggleNet in its very early days where I would spend hours reading theories and fan fiction and listening to MuggleCast. I feel very fortunate that I got to be a part of the Potter generation who waited anxiously for the next installment to be released by picking apart the books and theorizing and then attending the midnight release parties. Harry Potter truly was my childhood and has deeply rooted itself in my adulthood as well. I currently have two Potter-related tattoos, so I suppose it'll be part of me forever!

In my Muggle life, I am a researcher with a bachelor's degree in psychology and master's degrees in cognitive neuropsychology and media psychology. I recently conducted research on rewatching behaviors in fandoms (one of which was Harry Potter, of course!). My hope is to turn my geeky lifestyle into a career. I started interning for MuggleNet in November 2016 and am thrilled to now be working for the site that has been part of my life for so many years now.

Victoria Velasco

Standards & Procedures Coordinator


Staff Member of the Month: 07/2017

I have been a Potterhead since 2005 after Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire was released, but I have known about the boy wizard since 1999. The Potter books were the first novels that I ever cared about, and they have led me to so many other enjoyable things. I got my first glimpse into the Potter fandom from MuggleNet in 2009 and fell in love with MuggleCast and fan fiction. I am a Hufflepuff with Ravenclaw tendencies. These days, my life revolves around Harry Potter, StarKid, and Doctor Who, and the rest just passes through. J.K. Rowling has also led me to other great authors such as Dan Brown.

In my Muggle life, I am a graphic designer who loves landscape photography, to travel, reading dystopian/action/adventure novels, and the beach.


Content Management Specialists

Abbie Hendry

Content Editor



I first read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone when I was in the 5th grade. After that initial introduction to the world of Harry Potter, I eagerly read each subsequent book on release day. I grew up as a part of the Harry Potter generation. I have read and re-read each book, seen the movies countless times, and excitedly explored the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Harry Potter sparked my imagination and my love of reading.

I have a passion for technology and literature. I am currently a freelance writer. I have an AA in Information Technology, and I am nearing completion of a BA in English.

Charlie Kelliher




Ever since receiving the first three Harry Potter books as presents on Christmas Day in 1999 (with an inscription from my Aunt Judy in my copy of Sorcerer's Stone reading "Hoping this begins a great adventure"), I have been hooked on J.K. Rowling's wizarding world and the escape it provided me. The books were just pure joy and magic to read. I anxiously awaited the release of each subsequent book in the series, and during the waiting period MuggleNet was my go-to source for Harry Potter book and movie news. Each of the film adaptations I made sure to see at least 5-6 times in theaters, going with anyone and everyone in my acquaintance who happened to be seeing it. In April 2014 I first discovered the Alohomora! podcast when they were making their way through Order of the Phoenix, and since then I've been an avid listener on my work commutes.

I currently work in human services as a case manager for adults with intellectual disabilities, and have been working in the field for over 10 years now. I graduated from Boston College in 2009 with a dual BA in English and Communications with a focus in journalism. It is still my dream to become a journalist or reporter and to one day write and publish a book! I could also see myself teaching English, which would most definitely include incorporating Harry Potter into my curriculum. Most people know me for my obsession with all things Harry Potter, as it is one of my main personality traits. I have been to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme parks at Universal Studios in Orlando twice now for two consecutive "Celebration of Harry Potter" weekends in both 2015 and 2016, and they were two of the most memorable trips I have ever taken with some other die-hard HP fans. The level of detail in both Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley is truly incredible, and meeting so many other Potterheads at all of the events and panels made me love how the story of Harry Potter has brought together millions of people around the world in a collective love of these modern classics. I look forward to the day when I can share the world of Harry Potter with my kids, and hopefully instill in them a love of reading for pleasure as my parents did for me.

Emily Hargis-Wells



Staff Member of the Month: 01/2018

My obsession with Harry Potter began when I found an abandoned copy of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone in a cabinet in our new home when I was a child. It was a much-needed distraction during rough times, and I’m grateful to J.K. Rowling for keeping me sane. When I got my first PC many years later, MuggleNet was one of the first places I found, and I’m pleased to have the opportunity to work with them all these years later. MuggleNet has made being a Harry Potter fan feel like being a member of a community. I also happen to be a proud Gryffindor, Thunderbird, and the owner of a Hawk Owl Patronus.

Jennifer Creevy

Content Editor


Staff Member of the Month: 06/2018

I’m a proud Hufflepuff from near London, currently at university trying to exceed expectations and get a degree.

In 2001 my family finally got round to going to see that film everyone was talking about – Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, reading the books swiftly followed and, 15 years of being a Potterhead later, here I am, never having looked back. I love the magical world of Harry Potter and never need an excuse to return to it, whether it be by reading/watching the books and films or browsing fan art and reading wild theories on the internet. Nowadays I’m expressing my obsession with Potter by helping to run my university’s Harry Potter Society and generally living, and loving, the fandom life.

Katie Hynes

Transcript Editor & Content Editor



My mother found me Sorcerer's Stone a couple of years after its original release date, while trying to find something to replace the book series I had been reading that was coming to an end (anyone remember Animorphs?) When I finally got around the checking it out, it was the best thing I could have done. The movies started my freshman year of high school, and it was so exciting to see the Wizarding World jump off the pages and onto the screen. It only got better in 2010 when the world crashed through the screen and settled in Orlando. And now that I've lived in the Orlando area for a few years, I feel like I can say Hogwarts is my home (thanks to my annual pass). I've been transcribing with MuggleNet since 2014. I'm a Hogwarts Slytherin and an Ilvermorny Thunderbird. My Muggle jobs currently include proofreading at a small weekly bulletin printing company, teaching Freshman English at Valencia College, and making life-sustaining potions from magical brown beans at Starbucks.

Kinjal Thakker

Content Editor



I am a 20-year-old Ravenclaw from India, an INFJ and a lover of spicy food and dark chocolate. I am currently pursuing a degree in Product Design. I enjoy digesting fictional books, playing the keyboard and geeking out over my fandoms and OTPs. I get attached to fictional characters very easily. If someone gave me a sock and freed me, I honestly don't know what I'd do with that freedom. I tend to ramble and expound thoughts about random stuff. Clearly, I also tend to write in disjointed sentences (as witnessed above). (Whoops! Perhaps I can obliviate you? Okay, I want you to look very carefully at this stick- )

I remember not being very fluent in English as a kid and as a result, not understanding or enjoying the first three Harry Potter films. I also remember the otherwise insignificant day when I was about 10 years old and my best friend came over to my house with her Goblet of Fire DVD and a determined expression on her face. She insisted that the film and the series was absolutely worth a watch and that I was sure to love it. She was right and reluctant as I was to begin with, she filled in the gaps of my HP knowledge throughout the duration of the movie and I haven’t looked back since.

Harry Potter and all its paraphernalia has played a major role in shaping me into the person I am today. In recent years, I discovered MuggleNet and it has been an absolute boon, with facts and updates on everything HP it is a wonderful way to keep the fandom living, growing, thriving. When I discovered an internship opportunity with them, I was over the moon and could not believe my lucky stars!

Laura Hernan

Content Editor


Staff Member of the Month: 10/2019

In 2000, I was a single mother with a two-year-old daughter, when we ran off to England for Christmas. That's where Harry Potter found us. We bought the books one at a time and I read them "for" my daughter. I wore a Professor McGonagall costume on Halloween every year "for" my daughter. Fast forward fifteen years later, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando welcomed us home. Although there are no photos to prove it, I may have shed a tear or two while riding the Hogwarts Express.

By applying for and accepting the internship with MuggleNet, I am openly admitting that everything Harry Potter in our lives may not have all been just "for" my daughter.

While all of that was going on, I rode thoroughbred race horses for 20 years and then retired from that. I went back to college, graduated summa cum laude, with a duel degree in Management and Accounting. I currently have my own accounting business.

Leah Fishwick




I fell in love with Harry Potter on the edge of a rickety theater seat in 2001, at the age of six. My father, a third-grade teacher at the time, had read the book to his class after happening upon it at the bookstore. When the movie came out, he knew he had to take me to see it. The rest is history! I was reading the books during one of the most difficult times of my life—and it made all the difference in who I became on the other side of it.

I have a bachelor’s degree in writing and am currently working on my very first novel. When I’m not doing that, I’m exploring the internet archives for MuggleNet, doing heaps of freelance graphic design, hiking, wishing I were an Ent, and drawing fan art for my friends. Aside from Harry Potter, I’m always orbiting around The Walking Dead and the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

Sandra Tourjman

Content Editor



From the first time I saw Harry Potter on the screen at age 11, I was mesmerized. I begged my parents to buy me the books and was gleefully surprised when I got all 4 for Christmas. I've read and watched the movies so many times, it's a part of my DNA. As an adult, I've become even more obsessed and now I'm an avid collector of all things Harry Potter, especially those cute Funko Pops (which I have every single HP one!).

In the Muggle world, I work in digital advertising by day and work on web development at night. I love to read all sorts of books, watch movies and tv shows, just consume any sort of story.

Shauna Evans

Content Editor



In 2000, when I was 14, some stupid kid’s book release was being publicized on the news. The news, for goodness sake! What kind of absurdity was that for a picture book? Who cared that much about stupid Harry Potter?

Later that summer, an older friend of the family told me that all the cool college kids were reading this Harry Potter nonsense. Well, if all the college kids were reading them, why shouldn’t I give them a try? I enjoyed Sorcerer’s Stone at first, but, as an avid journaler, Chamber of Secrets and its use of Tom Riddle’s diary really sucked me in. And then there was no turning back.

Since then, Harry has been a driving force in my life, from midnight premieres and book releases to theme parks to friendships. (I met my husband online in 2002, and our mutual love of Harry was one of the cornerstones of our relationship!) I found MuggleNet through the Alohomora! podcast, and have guested on that twice. I’m excited to continue to use my love of Harry Potter to foster new globe-spanning friendships.

In my Muggle life, I’m a Special Educator and aspiring author. I teach a Harry Potter camp in the summer. There’s truly nothing better than discussing the books and their literary depths with younger readers. The chance to develop their skills as readers, critical thinkers, and creative forces is completely supported by J.K. Rowling’s magical world!

Tracy Dunstan

Content Editor


Librarian. Historian. Writer. Ravenclaw. INFJ. Film fan. Anglophile. These are the words I’d be most likely to use to describe me. At least that’s what’s on my Twitter profile, so it must be true. I discovered Harry Potter a little late in the game (high school) but have loved it ever since. My favorite characters are Harry, Hermione, and Luna, and my favorite book in the series is Deathly Hallows.

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Amy Parikka

Lead Video Producer



I grew up watching the Harry Potter films and running excitedly through my house waving light-up wands, building LEGO Hogwarts (rather unsuccessfully), and spinning the most ridiculously large time turner you will ever see. When I was around fourteen, I finally decided it was time to read the books and fell in love with the wizarding world all over again as I devoured every page (at the same time discovering the blue crayon cauldrons and broomsticks that my brother had scribbled all through our copy of the Chamber of Secrets).

The wizarding world has shaped my love of fantasy, and in the Muggle world I am pursuing this through a degree in creative writing and film and media. I am a learn-to-swim instructor and would love to continue to give back to the community through my future work and career. When I’m not working or studying, I enjoy reading, swimming, travelling the world, mucking around with my camera, and spending time with my friends and family.

Chelsea Korynta

Lead Editorialist


Staff Member of the Month: 04/2019

I became a Harry Potter fan when I won a book box-set for achieving the most AR points in my third-grade class. I was hooked immediately. As a young girl, I showed up, wide-eyed and in wonder, to the midnight releases for the books and movies (shout out to my mom for so many late nights shuttling my little dorky self around). Throughout the years, the story of The Boy Who Lived continues to provide me with a sense of comfort and instill in me a very real belief in magic. I started visiting MuggleNet in around 2005. I’m compelled by the cool stuff that happens when a genuine sense of love for literature brings people together. For that, I’m thrilled to be writing for an outlet like MuggleNet.

In my Muggle life, I work as a mentor for girls in a therapeutic boarding school up in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. I live with my pup Delilah who is undoubtedly a Slytherin. I completed my undergraduate degrees in English and Media Studies in 2018. When I’m not doing very nerdy Harry Potter-related things, I love digging for new music, hiking, and reading. I’m a Leo (like J.K. Rowling!), and I like talking about astrology!

Lucy Demuth

Lead Video Producer


Staff Member of the Month: 11/2018

I was introduced to the world of Harry Potter when I was 10 by my mum. She gave me the audiobook to help me get interested in reading, and thanks to Harry Potter, my love of reading came along with my love of the world. I have traveled all the way from Australia to London to see the Studio Tour and visit the birthplace of the Boy Who Lived, Edinburgh, slowly ticking off the Harry Potter bucket list.

My love of Harry Potter has had a huge impact on me, and the films have made me pursue a career in the film and TV industry and create stories that can impact people in the way that Harry Potter has for so many people.

McKay Strong

Lead Editorialist


Staff Member of the Month: 01/2019

People have known me as the Weird Harry Potter Girl™ for as long as I can remember. Despite going to a senior high school with a graduating class of around 1,500 students (this is Texas, people), I was somehow still recognized as the Weird Harry Potter Girl™ and voted "Most Likely to Attend Hogwarts." In 200-something years when my descendants view my high school yearbook, they will recognize me as the coolest ancestor to ever exist ever (probably). I may not be worthy of my own rap musical on Broadway, but at least I can give them a good laugh.

As a kid, I saw Harry face heartache after heartache, and yet, he persisted. I read over and over again about how the ones who love us never really leave us. I followed along as Harry found hope in the smallest things. I learned the importance of relying on others, and being the type of person that others can rely on. Because of JKR, I got to be a child. And now, as an adult, I love Harry Potter more than ever.

Mikaela Martin

Lead Editorialist



In the Muggle world, I’m a high school English teacher and a passionate advocate of the positive force that is the Harry Potter series. Harry Potter has been my constant companion since I was six years old. My love for Potter propelled me into a life-long love of reading, writing, and teaching. I often joke that J.K. Rowling became my stand-in parent since she was often the only consistent adult role model and teacher I possessed. I’ve lost count of the mass number of rereads I’ve embarked on and continue to listen to the audiobooks every night (Jim Dale is the best!). Harry Potter has been a positive force in my life, and I’m sincerely thankful for its influence. I aspire to expose the next generation to the wizarding world and the wonders of literature; I truly believe the magic of Potter is a form of transfiguration–changing hearts, minds, and perspectives. But that information is old hat, of course, for us old DA lags.

Mikaela Renshaw

Lead Editorialist


My name is Mikaela Renshaw, a proud Gryffindor. I first picked up Harry Potter when I was six years old. While I had already developed a love a reading, Harry Potter is what made me want to write. I remember finishing the book, looking down on it and thinking, someday, I want to write like that. My parents were quick to nurture my love of the series, having loved it as well. My dad even arranged for my very own Hogwarts letter to appear at my doorstep when I turned eleven. My parents also encouraged me to follow my dreams of writing, which is why I am now pursuing a degree in English, as well as one in classics.

Minal Daswani

Lead Editorialist


I got into Harry Potter in 2008, between the releases of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Ever since then, I've been hooked. I've visited both the studio tour in London and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando and loved both. I've read the series and watched the movies more times than I can remember, and I don't plan on stopping.

Currently, I am a second year studying English Literature at the University of York. I hope to work in books or TV once I've graduated. In my free time, I enjoy reading, writing, and watching TV.

Amanda K.F.N. Myers


Ravenclaw/Slytherin/Hufflepuff Crisis


Beginning to read the series when she was six years old, Amanda has always been enthralled with the wizarding world, almost before she can remember. She remembers reading about MuggleNet in the newspaper when she was little and is proud beyond belief to now be a part of it.

Emily Lawrence




I first embarked on my Harry Potter journey when I was eight years old, and immediately fell in love. I have not stopped since, and I don’t plan to anytime in the future. Harry Potter is a series that I come back to at least once every year and is a great part of my love of reading and literature.

I live in Sydney, Australia, with my family whom I drive nuts with all my Harry Potter references and re-reading of the series between every other book I read. The greatest compliment I ever received from a stranger was that I ‘must be a Weasley’, because of my vivid red hair and spattergroit-like freckles.

In the Muggle world, I work in a bookstore and am working towards a degree in Communications and International Studies, with a major in Creative Writing. I hope to one day follow in J.K Rowling’s footsteps and become a novelist, and hopefully play a role in inspiring people, just as J.K Rowling has done for me. I also love exploring the realms of art and music, and all things creative. I’m so grateful for my place on the MuggleNet team, where this community of Harry Potter fans always feels like home.

Jennifer Fancher




Like countless others, Harry Potter has meant so much to me over the years. I started living in the Wizarding World when I opened Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone on Christmas morning. My favorite memories of my Nana were when she would bring me to see each film in theaters. In 5th grade, my teacher Mrs. Phillips sorted the class with her sorting hat and I became a proud Hufflepuff. Eventually, Pottermore would agree with Mrs. Phillips and it also placed me in Pukwudgie. I’ve made some of my best friendships through Harry Potter events and fanfiction, and my husband proposed to me using a Harry Potter book instead of a ring box. I even have two Harry Potter tattoos.

In my muggle life, I studied English and History secondary education. In addition to instilling a love for reading and writing in youth, I’m also passionate about musical theater and training my puppy, Luna.

Kaitlyn DeFord

Video Producer



My passions include video production, photography, writing, and drawing. I am a complete pop culture nerd and I have two sisters and we are triplets! Since we were 6 years old, we have always connected to Harry Potter. We saw the first film together and after that, we were your typical Harry Potter nerds in high school. My sister Kelsey was Harry, Kylie was Hermione, and I was Ron! Weasley is our king! We saw all of the films in theaters and dressed up multiple times as well. We even would act out scenes for people! It's hard to describe how much Harry Potter and even the fandom has impacted my life, especially in as little characters as possible. I began dealing with anxiety and OCD when I was 15 years old. At that time I was reading Order of the Phoenix and it completely changed my outlook on life.

I have a degree in Creative Media Production from Arkansas State University and enjoy anytime I get to deal with media in general.

Lindsay Docken



I first picked up Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone when I was about six years old and promptly devoured it in a day. After that, I read each novel as soon as I could get my hands on them... even if that meant in the bookstore checkout line. Over a decade later, my love of the series has never faded and has even inspired my passion for creative writing.

In the Muggle world, I am a high school senior, and in my free time I enjoy listening to the Jim Dale audiobooks and baking, often at the same time. In addition, I currently hold six SCUBA diving certifications, but my real talents include reciting the first page and a half of Sorcerer's Stone from memory and working Potter references into my daily life – even if the Muggles don't realize it.

Madison Ford



Staff Member of the Month: 11/2016

The only thing that could have changed my life more than the Harry Potter series would have been Rubeus Hagrid himself kicking down my front door and whisking me away to a life of witchcraft and wizardry. When I was eight years old, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone became the first book I stayed up all night to read. I consumed the following three books over the course of the next year and during the Potter-less drought between Goblet of Fire and Order of the Phoenix, I started to write my own stories.

As the years went on, I visited MuggleNet religiously, spent multiple Halloweens with a lightning bolt scar on my forehead, and created a massive Harry Potter-themed scavenger hunt with my best friend during our senior year of high school. Now, I'm a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin with degrees in English and Sociology. Reading, writing, and Harry Potter are my biggest passions, and I'm incredibly lucky being able to combine them all as a Creative Team Member here at MuggleNet.

Monet Polny



Staff Member of the Month: 09/2018

I spent most of high school walking around with headphones listening to the Alohomora! podcast. I hadn't known that there was a whole world of Potterheads just as obsessed as I was. I realized that Potter had really changed my life when I woke up one day glad to have frizzy hair because then I would resemble Hermione. I started writing because I felt a pull to create characters that were just as lovable and as special as those in the books I've read.

I'm currently teaching yoga classes before I head off to my first year of college in the fall. I will be studying creative writing, although I wish I could have grown up to be a Magizoologist instead.

Rachael Dechert



Staff Member of the Month: 05/2016, 05/2017

Hi, I'm Rachael, I'm 22, and I live in Orlando. I spend most of my free time on the Internet, but when I'm not doing that I enjoy knitting, sleeping, cooking, and eating. I also help run a small farm where we have goats and chickens. I love playing Quidditch. I'm a Keeper and was Vice President of my school's team my senior year. I also was the Treasurer of Hogwarts @ Kutztown, which is a Harry Potter and Young Adult literature based discussion group. I spent most of my life with Harry Potter. I first got into the books right before the first movie came out. I wanted to read the books before I saw the movie, so I rushed through them. I got through the first four books in a month and then started reading them again. A few months later, my parents got a computer and I found the fandom. It was amazing growing up surrounded by people on the Internet who loved the same thing that I did. From book release parties, to midnight movie premieres, I got to celebrate my love for Harry Potter. I have met many amazing people in this fandom and am constantly inspired by them.

Sophia Jenkins




I first started reading Harry Potter when I was seven years old, and from that age the series has been my inspiration for creativity. As a child I would decorate Harry Potter cakes, make "Polyjuice Potion" out of ingredients from the kitchen cabinet, create miniature panoramas of Hogwarts out of popsicle sticks, and even assign Defense Against the Dark Arts "homework" to my friends. As I grew older, Harry Potter has inspired me to write, think, and connect ideas. I like to use my other interests like psychology, mythology, and literature as a lens from which to view the series.  I am overjoyed to have this opportunity to write about Harry Potter for MuggleNet's Creative Team!

Deanna Abrash

Transcript Editor & Copy Editor



A little before the first Harry Potter film hit theaters, my close neighbor family – the Weasleys to my Harry – introduced me to a magical book series. The rest is history! I stumbled into discussion forums, wrote (well, am still writing) fan fiction, and even grew up to play Quidditch through my college years at Notre Dame. I gained a profound respect for the Hogwarts professors as I slowly lost my mind in graduate school while teaching, pursuing dual degrees, and running a dormitory of first-year students. Through it all, Harry's stories remained dear to my heart and an easy way to go "home" when I wanted.

These days, my Muggle life sees me finishing my post-postgraduate studies and freelancing as a classical pianist, audio engineer, video editor, transcriptionist, designer, writer, tutor, and marketing manager. In spirit, I'm traveling the world with Newt Scamander studying all the wonderful creatures it has to offer – I can't wait for the future installments of Fantastic Beasts! I'm so grateful to J.K. Rowling for creating this amazing world, and to all the fans who keep the magic alive by finding new ways to express our love for all things Potter.

Jennifer Rapp

Video Transcriber & Transcript Editor


Staff Member of the Month: 08/2019

Like many Harry Potter fans, I grew up with the boy wizard and his world since I was 8 or 9. My uncle (who has always sent me books for my birthday and Christmas) sent my family the first book. It did take me a while to come around to boy with a lightning bolt shaped scar flying on a broomstick, though. But when I did, I totally immersed myself in Harry's world. I saw Sorcerer's Stone when I was 11 years old, the same age as Harry, Ron, and Hermione. It felt as if I too was going to Hogwarts for the first time and sharing in Harry's adventures, so the first film is very near and dear to my heart. I started listening to MuggleCast on and off since 2010, my favorite segment being Chapter by Chapter. Based off that information, you could probably guess my reaction when I finally discovered the Alohomora! podcast with the chapter rereads.

Apart from being a Harry Potter fan, I do have a BA in English from California Lutheran University. In my spare time, I love to read and write poetry, and I have even self-published my own book. I also enjoy Harry Potter movie marathons and Harry Potter trivia games, though I'm usually relegated to the "phone-a-friend" position since no one wants to play with me anymore haha. I absolutely love MuggleCast and Alohomora!, and I'm so excited to be a part of this team!

Jessica Mitton

Copy Editor



My brother first read Sorcerer's Stone to me when I was in the first grade, but I stupidly thought I was too cool for the series that the rest of my family loved. A few years later, the last book was about to be released, and I realized how much I had missed out on by refusing to partake in Harry's world. As a ten-year-old, I spent five weeks trying to read all of the books before Deathly Hallows came out. I still remember sitting on the floor in a corner of Borders, trying to finish Half-Blood Prince before midnight when everyone would be able to buy their copy of the last book. There are some things you can't do without ending up becoming a devoted, lifelong Harry Potter fan, and reading all the books in a matter of a month and a half is one of them.

In my Muggle life, I am a pre-med student majoring in English Language/Editing. I love going to concerts, collecting books with gorgeous cover art, fangirling over everything Potter related, binge-watching Gilmore Girls and Grey's Anatomy, following the San Francisco Giants and Chicago Cubs, and convincing people to use the Oxford comma.

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Stephanie Norton

Graphics Coordinator


We all know the book fair that happen at school right? During my fourth grade we have a book fair come to my school and that is where I found the first Harry Potter book and I was hooked the moment I started reading it. Now I have read the series countless of times, and I’m always listening to the audiobooks.

I went to Fitchburg State University for Graphic Design and now, being a part of MuggleNet, I get to help design pieces for my favorite fandom! I live in New England with my husband and two Pomeranians. I have been able to travel to England and see the Warner Brothers Studio Tour, as well as see Cursed Child. I have also taken my husband to the Wizarding World down in Florida multiples and I have a Harry Potter tattoo! I am a Hufflepuff as well as a Pukwudgie and my Patronus is a Brown Hare.

Ashley Gardiner

Graphic Designer


Staff Member of the Month: 05/2019

I first got into Harry Potter while in boarding school. My roommate had suggested that I check out a new book series that she said she loved. I went out that weekend to the local bookstore and picked up my first Harry Potter book and immediately went back the next weekend for the next one, etc. Once I finished Prisoner of Azkaban, I knew I would be a fan for life.

I graduated from NYU, but ended up going back to school at Parsons for Graphic Design. A friend of mine tagged me in one of the internship posts and I knew I didn't need help with being interested in the subject matter, so I applied at the end of 2018 and became staff in 2019! I currently live in New York doing freelance graphic design work and pouring drinks at our local live music club. In my free time you can find me reading, singing karaoke, running Star Wars half marathons, cooking and hanging with my miniature bull-terrier named Spike.

Chloe Morris

Graphic Designer


I've been a Harry Potter fan since our class was read an extract from Philosopher's Stone when I was seven years old. The film of the same name came out shortly after this time, and after that, my obsession with the wizarding world was ignited! I don't think anyone could have predicted the effect that Harry Potter has had on my life, never mind that my love for the series is just as strong now as it was back then!

Growing up alongside Harry has paralleled and shaped my life in many ways. I hope to one day meet J.K. Rowling herself just so I can thank her for the wonderful world she has created and how much joy she has brought, and still brings, me. To this day, I still turn to Harry when I need a source of comfort, compassion, and courage.

Although I didn't get the chance to attend Hogwarts, I did study graphic design at Nottingham Trent University. In my Muggle life, I'm now a full-time graphic designer by day and a part-time graphics sorceress for MuggleNet by night.

Lacey Villareal

Graphic Designer



I am a Graphic Designer and Air Force Veteran living in Florida. You can find me at Universal Studios, hanging out with my dogs, or playing games with my husband and our friends.

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Mary Wojcicki

Senior Reporter


Staff Member of the Month: 01/2015

I am a lifelong fan of the Harry Potter series and have been a fan of MuggleNet for almost as long. It’s a good thing; I’ve been a MuggleNet staff member since 2014! A proud Slytherin, I am still fully convinced that I am a Hogwarts student, no matter what Ilvermorny says.

Although I am from the United States, I am currently living in Toronto, Canada, where I am in my final year of my bachelor’s degree, studying human rights. I have also studied for a semester in India and am especially interested in South Asia and the Middle East. When I’m not in class, I can be found writing, traveling, and neglecting my notifications from my language-learning apps.

Gayane Kaligian



The memory of my first encounter with Harry Potter is a hazy one, but all I remember is that I devoured the books in one summer and never looked back since. Since then, I’ve plotted my journey to Hogwarts on a map several times, tried to build a real, working Snitch, and spent many a math class gazing out the window wishing I were in Charms class instead. Harry Potter has gotten me through the darkest of times and the hardest of essay questions.

In Muggle life, I can usually be found designing costumes and arguing about feminism in comic books. I’m an avid fencer and archer, though sadly not on the level of my beloved Wonder Woman.

Hannah Howard




Magic has always been a part of my life. I've read and reread the Harry Potter books too many times to count. I was so excited to become a part of the MuggleNet family because my job here combines two of my favorite things: Harry Potter and writing. As a part of the original Harry Potter generation, it has been wonderful to see that the magic of the wizarding world has continued to grow.

In my Muggle life, I run an Etsy shop and am always looking out for a freelance writing job. I can typically be found working on articles and blog posts on the couch with my laptop, my cat, and a cup of coffee.

Lucy O’Shea



Staff Member of the Month: 02/2019

My brother and I were given a copy of Philosopher's Stone by a relative in 2001, and from the first chapter, I was hooked. Since then, I have thrown myself into everything Potter, devouring the books and films, visiting the Warner Bros. Studio Tour, and of course, keeping up with the latest news on MuggleNet. I have been lucky enough to meet J.K. Rowling twice and owe some of my greatest friendships to our shared love of the wizarding world.

In my Muggle life, I completed a degree in history with French in 2016 and currently work full-time. I'm an avid follower of Formula One, and I also enjoy reading, traveling, watching The West Wing, and Doctor Who.

Madison Brown




I was first introduced to Harry Potter when I was 9 years old. I'd had my tonsils removed and a relative delivered the first and second Harry Potter books for me to read while I was out of school. Since then, the most magical world ever created has been a part of my life in too many ways to count. Through the good times and the bad, Hogwarts was truly always there to welcome me home.

I've been a reader of MuggleNet for as long as I can remember, and I'm blessed to be a part of such a welcoming, supportive, and magical family.

Marica Laing




I readHarry Potter for the very first time after borrowing a copy from one of my friends at the age of eight. Needless to say, I was hooked and the books brought me joy for years to come. I have reread all of them a couple of times and it’s safe to say that I am going to be a Potterhead for the rest of my life. Always.

When I’m living my Muggle life, I’m a writer for an online magazine and an avid yogi. I am a cat lover and am still looking for one that exactly resembles Hermione’s Crookshanks. In my spare time, you’ll find me playing guitar, writing songs, listening to music, or reading a good book.  

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MuggleNet Fan Fiction

Rosie Morris

Fan Fiction Administrator


Staff Member of the Month: 08/2015

Having a parent who works with books is amazing. As a child, I was introduced to the most fantastic stories as soon as they hit the shelves, and since then I've always had a pile to read at any one given moment. I've been a Potter fan since the very first book was released when I was six, so I think it’s safe to say I grew up with the series like so many fans. I've been on MuggleNet for over eight years now, first as a fan and then as staff over on the fan fiction site. Those of you who use that site will know me as Roxy Black, and I'm very proud to be bridging the gap between MNFF and main site these days.