CC #118: Week of January 23, 2005

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Hermione: Did you know it’s the most haunted dwelling in Britain?
Ron: I wonder what all those restless spirits could be thinking about after so much time alone with only their thoughts for company…
Restless Spirit: Oooonly 174 days until July Sixteenth!

Hermione: Do you want to move closer?
Ron: …What?
Hermione: Oh, isn’t it obvious? You’re supposed to fancy me and I’m supposed to fancy you, and this is a scene of tension that supposedly adds a touch of romance to the movies, which is what the audience supposedly wants.
Ron: Oh – so, now, do I have to give you something romantic like – a gift?
Hermione: Well, I suppose so…
Ron: *Gives her a thesaurus* Now you can look up an alternative to ‘suppose’!

Ron: I hate this checkered coat.
Hermione: Well at least it isn’t maroon.

Hermione: I hear the Shrieking Shack is Unapplable.
Ron: What?
Hermione: It can’t be seen on Macs.
-Luke B.

Ron: Why is it called the Shrieking Shack?
Hermione: Because it’s the Hogsmeade Dentist…

Ron: May I ask you something, Hermione?
Hermione: *Blushes* Of course…
Ron: Well… weren’t we here six weeks ago?

(Continuation of Karpo’s Caption last week)
Hermione: ‘Poor Dobby hasn’t come out of there since last week when Professor Lupin did a Michael Jackson impression…’

Ron: …And here is the Snogging Shack!
Hermione: Don’t you mean ‘Shrieking’…?
Ron: Yeah… uh, Shrieking… I… knew that…
-Tash P

Hermione: Well, it looks very pretty.
Ron: Yeah, pretty like Professor Snape!

And now, a 1970’s Life Cereal commercial reference.
Hermione: I don’t want to go in there – you go in there.
Ron: I don’t want to go in there. Hey, let’s ask Harry – he’ll do anything!

Ron: Are you sure this is going to work?
Hermione: Trust me, Ron. I’ve been researching this for years. I’m certain this is the building where J.K. Rowling hides the last chapter of Book Seven!

Hermione: Do you want to move a bit closer?
Ron: What, to the Shrieking Shack?
Hermione: No, to that step stool because somehow I’m taller than you.
Ron: Oh.

Hermione: Did you know that the Shrieking Shack –
Ron: Love Shack, baby, Love Shack!
Hermione: …
Ron: You keep forgetting, this is the fanfic version…

Hermione: Ron, I’m late…
Ron: HUH?
Hermione: For class.

Hermione: Do you want to go a bit closer?
Ron: Don’t bother – if you just click on the picture, it gets bigger!

‘If you build it, He [Who Must Not Be Named] will come.’
-Becca and Riley

Ron: So… it’s pretty cold, eh?
Hermione: Yeah…
Ron: Kinda makes me feel like snuggling in front of the fire with someone… maybe having some hot cocoa… sharing hopes and fears and talking about the future with someone I care so much about…
Hermione: Oh, Ron.
Ron: Too bad Harry’s at Quidditch practice…
Hermione: …

After selling Girl Scout cookies to the hosts at the Shrieking Shack, it was no wonder that their troop won the ‘Most Determination’ Award!

Hermione: Ron, it’s lovely, but you really didn’t have to buy me a house for Valentine’s Day…
Ron: But… I thought ‘Little House on the Prairie’ was your favorite TV show!
Hermione: Ron, let’s be honest. This is more like ‘Little House on the Scary’…
-Doug C.

Ron: Do you think that the moment of silence for Mac users is over?
Hermione: I don’t know – I can’t see the scroller.

Hermione: Hey, Ron?
Ron: Yes, Hermione?
Hermione: Don’t you think it’s odd that we’re in the only all-wizard village in the world, yet everybody’s wearing Muggle clothes?
Ron: …

—Continuation from Talia’s—
Ron: But – why do they need a dentist at Hogsmeade?!
Hermione: Because with a city like Hogsmeade, with candy places as elegant as Honeydukes, any certified DDS would make a fortune!
Ron: Oh.
Bodiless Voice: And even un-certified ones…. Mwahahaha!!!!
Ron: *Gasp*
-Eric [Staff]





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