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MuggleNet Staff Member of the Month – September 2020

Recognizing outstanding teamwork, dedication, and leadership, the MuggleNet Staff Member of the Month is chosen based on an individual’s contributions from the previous month. Congratulations to this month’s volunteer!

Krystal Romero


My first taste of the Harry Potter series was the movie. I didn’t really read growing up and didn’t know Potter existed. An old friend immediately played Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone after I told her I had no idea who he was. I must have watched it four times that day and picked up the accent by the time I went home.  I picked up the books and fell deeper in love. Now I’m obsessed! I re-read them, re-watch them, and collect as many items as I can. When I’m not nose-deep in a Potter book, I’m playing video games and tabletop RPGs, drawing,  and snuggling my pets.


Staff Member of the Month:09/2020