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The people who volunteer at MuggleNet thrive off of creativity, hard work, and passion. We are driven by our desire to honor the magic of the Wizarding World by providing reliable, fun, informative news and content to our fans while fostering a welcoming, safe, and engaging environment.

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MuggleNet Staff Member of the Month

Recognizing outstanding teamwork, dedication, and leadership, the MuggleNet Staff Member of the Month is chosen based on an individual’s contributions in the previous month. Congratulations to this month’s volunteer!

Neave Williamson


I’ve been hooked on the Harry Potter world since the age of 8, and now complete a film marathon every summer as a tradition. The peak of my Wizarding World experiences would have to be watching Cursed Child on the West End – the effects were superb! My other hobbies include playing guitar, but unsurprisingly the Wizarding World has impacted this as well; Hedwig’s Theme was the first song I learnt! I am hoping that this is only the first step in my journalism career. I love Harry Potter and all things fantasy related, so writing articles about these is a dream. I also use these stories as inspiration for my other hobbies, such as backstories for my DnD characters!

Staff Member of the Month:2/2024

MuggleNet Staff Member of the Year – 2023

Recognizing outstanding teamwork, dedication, and leadership, the MuggleNet Staff Member of the Year honors a member of the team who has been exemplary throughout an entire calendar year. This year, we are proud to induct a sixth member into its exclusive ranks.

Sidney Harmon

Content Restoration Manager | Tumblr Ambassador

I grew up to the Harry Potter movies playing endlessly in our house, and no family road trip was complete without my mother’s voice reading one of the books from the front seat, sneaking her own commentary into the narration to make us laugh. It’s no surprise that I came to love Harry Potter‘s magical world and its stories and people. I try to make the world a little bit better every day, but along the way, I enjoy volunteering for MuggleNet, traveling, drinking coffee, and, yes, reading books besides Harry Potter.


Staff Member of the Month:05/2021

Staff Member of the Year:2023