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The people who volunteer at MuggleNet thrive off of creativity, hard work, and passion. We are driven by our desire to honor the magic of the Wizarding World by providing reliable, fun, informative news and content to our fans while fostering a welcoming, safe, and engaging environment.

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MuggleNet Staff Member of the Month – June 2021

Recognizing outstanding teamwork, dedication, and leadership, the MuggleNet Staff Member of the Month is chosen based on an individual’s contributions from the previous month. Congratulations to this month’s volunteer!

Elizabeth Young

Recruiting Promoter & Representative

I was introduced to Harry Potter through my older sister right after the Deathly Hallows novel came out. That was over a decade ago. Today I am a creature-loving Ravenclaw that continues to explore the Wizarding World. As a Muggle, I work to fulfill my goal of educating the public on important issues through public institutions, continue to research fascinating facets of life history, and watch as many scary movies as I can.


Staff Member of the Month:06/2021

MuggleNet Staff Member of the Year – 2020

MuggleNet’s Staff Member of the Year honors a member of the team who has been exemplary throughout an entire calendar year. This year we are proud to induct a sixth member to the exclusive ranks.

Meg Scott

Copy Editing Coordinator

Human since 1993 and Potter fan since 2001. Maker of things, cinephile, amateur guitarist, cat mom, living human girl.

Things I like: all animals, seeing live music, crème brûlée, Dana Scully, creating art about beds and hands, the color turquoise, a good cup of tea. Things I don’t like so much: arrogance, avocados, waking up early, anxiety.


Staff Member of the Month:04/2020

Staff Member of the Year:2020


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