If you had the chance to share in the first reading experience of the next Harry Potter generation, would you take it? What would you say to someone picking up a Harry Potter book for the first time? Would you let them know exactly how the magic of the wizarding world touched your life? This is exactly what thousands of fans around the world have been doing with the Potter It Forward campaign.

The movement encourages fans to share messages of love, friendship, or bravery with the next generation of Harry Potter readers by tucking a note into the pages of a bookstore or library copy of the boy wizard’s adventures. Fans have been posting pictures of their notes on social media, using the hashtag #PotterItForward. With encouraging and heartfelt messages coming from all around the globe, the first Potter generation is passing on a little bit of the magic that we all felt the first time we read Harry Potter.

Here’s to hoping the next generation discovers that same magic during their own journey through the pages that contributed so heavily to the lives of those who came before them.

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