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Are you one of those fans of the Harry Potter series who thinks they know every conceivable detail about every character, location, spell, and Hogwarts class? Or maybe you’re looking for a magical twist on classic games like Pong or SkiFree? Then this is the section for you.

MuggleNet has partnered with Sporcle to bring you some of the best trivia challenge games about the Hogwarts saga. These quizzes, linked above, range from very easy to extremely difficult. You can also check out BroomstiX as well as several games created by developers here at MuggleNet below.

  • BroomstiX – Fly downhill on your broom and collect power-ups to do cool tricks in midair.
  • Create a Hogwarts Student – Design your own Hogwarts student by selecting eyes, hair, hat, robes, pet, skin color, and lots of other physical attributes.
  • The Great Escape – Can you escape from the Dursleys without crashing your Firebolt and attracting Muggle attention?
  • The Lost Galleons – It’s the day before Ron’s birthday, and Harry (you) was about to buy him a present when Peeves the Poltergeist stole Harry’s fortune and scattered it around the stone passages of Hogwarts. You must get your money back so you can buy a present for Ron!
  • Quidditch Keeper 2 – Keeper Oliver Wood has fallen off his broom in the middle of a Quidditch match against Slytherin! It’s up to you, Harry, to defend the goalposts.
  • Quidditch Pong – Pong… Quidditch style.
  • Skrewt Alert – The Skrewts escaped from Hagrid’s hut and are terrorizing Hogwarts, so it’s up to you to get rid of them and put an end to the mayhem being caused.
  • Triwizard Tournament – The Second Task – Dodge the grindylows, defeat the Giant Squid, and rescue the hostages… but don’t run out of air!
  • Wizarding Wordle – Come back to guess a new five-letter wizarding world-related word or name each day, either preexisting or made up for the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts universe.