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CC #429: Week of September 6, 2020

In this week’s Crazy Caption Contest image, Draco and Crabbe stand outside the Shrieking Shack with a new friend of theirs. What’s going on here exactly? Read this week’s winning captions to find out!

An image showing the Magical Wand Experience at the Wands and Wizards Exploratorium. 0

Wands & Wizard Exploratorium to Open in London

Combining science, technology, and design, the team behind the Cauldron pub has moved into MinaLima’s old premises to bring a magical experience to fans, including an ice cream parlor, interactive magic, and a custom wandmaking workshop.


Castium Revelio: The Bat Is Back

Robert Pattinson is fully recovered from his COVID-19 scare and is back on the set of “The Batman”! But can he out-moody Hero Fiennes-Tiffin in a new Superdry fashion campaign? You be the judge!