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Welcome to MuggleNet’s Crazy Caption Contest! What started in October 2002 has now become a massive exhibition of humor for nearly two decades of the Harry Potter fandom. Fans just like you have seen their captions displayed prominently beneath screenshots of all of the wizarding world films. Now, for MuggleNet’s 20th anniversary, we are bringing the caption contest back in full force. New contest images are posted every Monday. The entry period is from Monday to Thursday of each week. Later entries are not guaranteed to be read. Have fun and happy captioning!


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Umbridge: (To herself) “I wonder if the kids like me?”
—Linn M.

Umbridge: (To herself) “Can anyone tell my clothes are dyed cat fur?”
—Mr. E.

Umbridge: “I WILL… HAVE… ORDERS of new cat plates arriving by the end of the week. Please keep an eye out for them, Mr. Filch.”
—Sadie K.

Me, in the dark, looking to see if that shape is a pile of clothes or a very still human being.
—Katie R.

Moments later, the entire castle was pulled into the lake by the Giant Squid. Umbridge was the only one prepared.

Umbridge: “Professor McGonagall, I shall see you in Downton Abbey.”
—Mr. E.

When you walk through the door and immediately forget what you wanted to do.
—Nele W.

When you’re reading a book and 5 pages are left, the main character got kidnapped, and there is no sequel.
—Katie R.

My family’s face when they hear me talking about Harry Potter for the millionth time.

Umbridge: “And STAY OUT, you phony red-heads!”
—Mary F.

Umbridge: “I’ve gathered you all here because I am about to name the murderer.”
—Mr. E.

Umbridge: “Oh god. They found me. I don’t know how, but they found me. Run for it, Marty!”
—Eric (staff)





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