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Welcome to MuggleNet’s Crazy Caption Contest! What started in October 2002 has now become a massive exhibition of humor for nearly two decades of the Harry Potter fandom. Fans just like you have seen their captions displayed prominently beneath screenshots of all of the wizarding world films. New contest images are posted biweekly. Have fun and happy captioning!


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“Okay, guys. You’re playing young wizards…”
—Kim K.

David: “…So that will be two larger, pepperoni pizzas, a cheeseburger, twelve nuggets, three sodas, and pancake roll?”

David Yates: “Because of the noisy traffic, I’m going to speak much louder than usual.” (Raises voice from a whisper to a soft hush.)
—Elise F.

David Yates: “So, for the last time, Emma, you can’t wear that in the final scene.”
Emma Watson: “But I got a product placement deal from the North Face!”

“Right. First, you’re going to get on the Route 14 bus going north. Switch to the 205 and that’ll take you straight to Paddington.”

David Yates: “So, my first post-Potter film is The Legend of Tarzan. You excited to see it?”
Emma Watson: “Did you bring back Phil Collins to sing the songs?”
David Yates: “No, no, it’s not based on the Disney film. It’s based on the original story.”
Emma Watson: “So you’re not including the songs? That’s lame. If I were in, say, a version of Beauty and the Beast, I’d want to have all the Disney songs.”
David Yates: “Well, that’s never happening.”

Director: “Right. Emma, in this next scene, we’re going to have you standing on top of a Muggle bus. Rupert, we’ve decided that you’ll be doing the same. And Dan, you’ll be running down the road next to them. Any questions?”
Emma: (Confused.)
Rupert: (Watching a fly flying around the director’s head.)
Dan: (Trying to use his hypnosis skills on the director, ’cause he wants to go on the bus, too.)

Lady in the back: (Surprised Pikachu Face)

Hermione, looking at the director = me, trying to pay attention to my teacher.
Harry, zoned out = me, thinking of how to get back at my siblings.
Ron, staring past the director = me, looking at my crush.


“We gotta turn around. It turns out this actually isn’t the street where the Pride parade is happening.”

David Yates: “I promise you, one more take and we can all get out of the cold and into a nice warm pub for some fish and chips.”
Script girl: (Thinking) “Fat chance! Between re-writes, flubbed lines, and poor crowd control, we’ll be out here until next Tuesday.”
—Friend of Fawkes
David Yates: “Dan, are you paying attention?”
Daniel Radcliffe: (Staring at the west end theater down the street.) “I’ll be on the stage some day… sorry, what?”

David Yates: “I told them this is going to be the darkest film yet, but the city of London said they can’t turn off the power grid, so unfortunately, there were some streetlights.”

“Try not to let on the bystanders and crew that we really are witches and wizards. Remember about the Statute of Secrecy!”
—Susan B.




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