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Welcome to MuggleNet’s Crazy Caption Contest! What started in October 2002 has now become a massive exhibition of humor for nearly two decades of the Harry Potter fandom. Fans just like you have seen their captions displayed prominently beneath screenshots of all of the wizarding world films. New contest images are posted biweekly. Have fun and happy captioning!

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It took a lot of public pressure for The Daily Prophet to finally offer a large-print edition for the aging Wizarding population!
—Friend of Fawkes

“All right, that does it. I’m finding a new job away from Hogwarts.”

McGonagall: (Reading headline), “‘Boy Who Lived displays wizarding newspaper in Muggle pub. Mass Obliviation required.’ Really, Mr. Potter? As if the car wasn’t enough. What’s next? Flying a dragon over London?”

Maggie Smith barely hides her annoyance that someone turned on the wind machine for this shot while not securing her strands of hair.
—Friend of Fawkes

McGonagall: (Sees a report about Harry, Ron and Hermione and sighs) “Why is it always these three?”

Trying to distract yourself from a funny joke.

Me, returning to print newspapers after getting fed up with the New York Times’ Connections.

Maggie Smith: “What did they say was the name of the graphic designers on these movies? MinaLima? Wow… they’re really the cat’s meow!”

McGonagall: (Reading the personal ads) “‘Dapper tomcat seeking fancy tabby.’ Ooh! This could be the one…”

McGonagall: (Squinting) “This is the last time I borrow Albus’s readers! His eyesight is awful!
—Eric (Staff)