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This page will allow you to submit content, feedback, complaints, etc., to MuggleNet and its staff. Before writing, please review the frequently asked questions listed below:

Are you on social media?

You bet! Be sure to look for the Blue Check since there are a lot of fake accounts impersonating us (that happens when you’re a 20-year-old site).

You can find us on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Tumblr | TikTok | Pinterest | YouTube | LinkedIn

I would like to advertise on MuggleNet. How can I do that? 

MuggleNet exclusively works with Mediavine for programmatic advertising. If you are interested in running a content, social media, or lead generation campaign, please choose “Marketing Inquiry” from the options in the contact form below. You must include details about the nature of the product, brand, or experience you are pitching.

MuggleNet offers limited free advertising to marginalized communities. If you are a member of a marginalized community and run a small business that does not offer licensed products, you may be eligible for this program. We take requests from sole proprietors or business partners with no employees.

Can I contact the movie cast members (Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Eddie Redmayne, etc.)?
Please do not ask us for email addresses or phone numbers of individual cast members; we are proud to keep their personal lives personal. If you wish to mail them on your own, we suggest you send your mail to their respective agents.

Can I contact J.K. Rowling?
Our only contact information for J.K. Rowling is on our “J.K. Rowling” page. We do not have her phone number or email address.

How do I contact a MuggleNet staff member?
Please visit the “Meet the Team” section, find the staff member you are looking for, and email them directly.

What is my Harry Potter book worth?
We are not experts when it comes to the value of treasured books, but thankfully, our friends at AbeBooks are! We recommend emailing them since we are unable to help assess value.

How can I submit my DIY project, editorial, fan art, recipe, wedding, or other fan-created content to be featured on MuggleNet?
MuggleNet LOVES receiving content from our readers. Please read the rules for submission on the page that best fits the type of content you’re looking to submit: DIY | Essay | Fan Art | Recipe | Wedding

Not sure what type of content it is? Choose “Comments & Questions” from the drop-down menu below, and we will forward it to the appropriate team.

Does MuggleNet have any job openings?
MuggleNet is run off the generosity of volunteers, and we do often have positions available. Head over to our “Volunteer with Us!” page to get more details.

Does MuggleNet have any political or religious affiliations?
Our volunteers have varied political and religious beliefs, and we sometimes feature posts that showcase their points of view, but MuggleNet itself does not have any political or religious affiliation. We do, however, take a strong stance on both environmental and human rights issues.

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