Over the years, there have been several exhibitions related to Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts that give insight into the creation of the books and films. From viewing the real-life animals that inspired the magical creatures to examining authentic set pieces and photography, there is something for everyone.

The first exhibition, Harry Potter: The Exhibition, opened in April 2009 and features authentic props, costumes, artifacts, and set dressings from the films. The second exhibition, Harry Potter: A History of Magic, opened in October 2017 at the British Library in London, England, before moving to the New-York Historical Society Museum and Library, where it remained until January 2019. This exhibition showcased rare books, manuscripts, and magical objects from the archives of the British Library.

The third exhibition, Fantastic Beasts: The Wonder of Nature, opened in December 2020 and showcases magical creatures in the wizarding world and the real-world or mythological creatures that may have inspired them. The fourth exhibition, the Harry Potter Photographic Exhibition, opened in July 2021 and is located in Covent Garden in London, England. It offers a smaller-sized version of Warner Bros. Studio Tour London with a selection of props, books, costumes, and original behind-the-scenes photography from the films.

Fantastic Beasts: The Wonder of Nature  Harry Potter Photographic Exhibition  Harry Potter: The Exhibition

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