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“The Three Broomsticks” is the place for the most up-to-date opinions, analysis, and theories from our in-house editorialist, hpboy13! He tackles the toughest questions in the Potter fandom. Ever wondered if Harry Potter qualifies as a feminist text? Or whether Ron or Hermione was a better friend to Harry? Pull up a chair in the Three Broomsticks, grab a butterbeer, and see what Irvin has to say on these contentious topics!

If you’ve enjoyed hpboy13’s essays over the years, please consider checking out his book, The Life and Lies of Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore, which explores one of the most analyzed characters in the Potter series.


  • The Themes of “Troubled Blood” (November 17, 2020) - Join hpboy13 as he analyzes the two main themes of "Troubled Blood": misogyny and astrology.
  • “Troubled Blood” Foreshadows Troubled Times (November 9, 2020) - hpboy13 gives us a spoiler-free peek into the increasingly important role of British politics in the "Cormoran Strike" series, particularly in "Troubled Blood".
  • Review of “Troubled Blood” (November 1, 2020) - In his spoiler-free review of "Troubled Blood", hpboy13 outlines a convincing case for why you should delve into this 927-page book.
  • Felix Felicis – Part 6: The Felix-Struck Tower (September 18, 2020) - In the last section of his deep dive into Felix Felicis, hpboy13 explores the effects of the lucky potion in battle and why seemingly unlucky things happen to those who take it.
  • Felix Felicis – Part 5: Fight with the Fat Lady (September 17, 2020) - When does Felix Felicis actually wear off? hpboy13 argues that the lucky potion may last longer than Harry thinks it does and that it has surprisingly powerful effects that escape Harry's notice.
  • Felix Felicis – Part 4: Conversing with Slughorn (September 16, 2020) - In Part 4 of his six-part series on Felix Felicis, hpboy13 reveals the precise and impressive character analysis Felix undertakes to help Harry manipulate Slughorn.
  • Felix Felicis – Part 3: How Felix Works (September 15, 2020) - In Part 3 of his six-part series on Felix Felicis, hpboy13 analyzes the importance of location in the lucky potion's magic.
  • Felix Felicis – Part 2: Free Will and Felix (September 14, 2020) - In the second of his six-part analysis of Felix Felicis, hpboy13 dives into the role of coincidence in Felix's magic and whether or not the potion has the power to control human behavior.
  • Felix Felicis – Part 1: Felix’s Helping Hand (September 13, 2020) - How does Felix Felicis work? In the first of a six-part deep dive into this perplexing potion, hpboy13 teases apart every instance when Felix Felicis comes into play - even in moments when Harry himself doesn't realize it.
  • What Was Dumbledore Plotting? – Part 2: Harry as a Horcrux and the Accident of Snape’s Death (September 4, 2020) - In this Three Broomsticks guest post, Sophia Jenkins responds to "The Life and Lies of Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore" by explaining her theory about why Dumbledore chose not to tell Harry he was a Horcrux and arguing that Snape was never told about the Elder Wand.
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