CC #119: Week of January 30, 2005

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Dealer: Okay, place your bets…
Harry: Come on, 26 Red. Come on, 26 Red!

Harry: *Drawing with marker*
Hermione: *Giggling*
Neville: What’s that you’re writing, Harry?
Ron: It says ‘I am an ugly git.’
Harry: *Hiding marker quickly* Shh! He’s waking up!
Snape: *Waking up* Huh…what?
Students: *Snickering*

‘Wow, and I didn’t think it was possible to fit that many house-elves into a clothes hamper…’
-Aaron S

Hermione: Aw! She’s so cute!
Ron: Your mommy created us! Yes she did!
Harry: C’mon, sweety, where does Mommy keep the last two books?
Mackenzie: Who are you people?!

Little does Harry know that Hermione enchanted the bottle so that it would land on Ron every time.

Ron distracts everybody with a cute puppy as he frantically tries to conceal his alien antennae.
-Turkey Donut

The whole class gathered around to watch as Harry proudly displayed the final chapter of Book Seven which he had triumphantly rescued from the Shrieking Shack after being tipped off by Ron.
Ron: ‘See? I told you he’d do anything!’

Harry: ‘This Muggle game ‘’Operation” is a riot!’

Voldemort’s Trophy Room.

Harry: It’s a beauty.
Hermione: It really is.
Neville: What’s going on, guys?
Ron: We beat the picture from August 22nd, 2004. We fit one more person into this picture!
-J. Pickles

–Continuation of Eric’s Caption–
Harry: Gimme the screwdriver.
Neville: Remind me again why you’re performing dental surgery?
Harry: Because that bodiless spirit said that even an un-certified person could. Besides, with Hermione here what could go wrong? Now shut up and give me the chainsaw.

Alfonso: Cut!
Dan: What’s wrong?
Alfonso: You’re not showing your perfect white teeth when you smile!
Dan: I didn’t know we had to.
Alfonso: Well, obviously! We can’t do a toothpaste commercial without showing your teeth!
Dan: But… I thought we were shooting Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban!

Ron: It’s good you learnt that bouncing ferret spell, Hermione.
Offscreen: *Squeak chitter chitter squeak chitter*
Translation: ‘I’ll fix you, Mudblood!’
-Matt K.

Hermione: Well, between the devil…
Ron: *Blushing* Hermione…
Hermione: …And the vampire…
Neville: *Trying to hide* Please… you promised…
Hermione: …It’s really no wonder that it took so long for me to get around to Professor Lupin. I do have priorities, you know.

The final chapter in J.K. Rowling’s epic saga, ‘Harry Potter and the Casino Royale’.
Harry: ‘Come on dice, Daddy needs a new broomstick!’

Harry: And a one, and a two…
All: *Singing* We’re Harry Potter’s Lonely Hearts Club Band…

Harry: See, that’s what a pensieve looks like.
Neville: You mean to say that all the white smoke swirling around is actually Dumbledore’s memories and thoughts?
Harry: *Nods*
Ron: Oh… so basically, all brilliant people have up there is smoke…

Because Hermione had told everybody about Groundhog Day, they all looked to see if the gnome had cast a shadow.

–Continuation of Deevo’s caption Jan. 16—
‘So that’s what’s on the slab…’

Neville: Harry? Aren’t you supposed to receive that broom on Christmas?
Harry: Yeah, but they had problems with the system and announced the Alivan’s contest winner of December only this month!

Seamus: What’s everyone looking at?
Harry: We’re watching the Super Bowl! Patriots Vs. Eagles!
Neville: Where’d you get the TV? I thought they didn’t work at Hogwarts?
Filch: *Storming around the castle* Where’s my television?!
Trio: *Whistle innocently*

Eric: *Has an idea* I could use the antennae growing from Ron’s head to improve the reception on my new TV!
*A moment later*
Ron: Hmm, that’s funny – why do I feel as though I’m channeling ‘Happy Days’ reruns…?

All: *Gasp!*
Snape: ‘Very funny, Scotty, now beam down my clothes!’





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