CC #121: Week of February 13, 2005

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Wizard: It’s a bird!
Witch: It’s a broomstick!
Dumbledore: Actually, it’s just Daniel falling from his broom onto some mats… but let’s go with your ideas…

–Continuation of Monaza’s Caption–
Dumbledore: ‘Accio Snape’s clothes!

In his spare time Dumbledore was an avid Iron Maiden fan, attending their shows whenever he could.

Dumbledore: WHOO! VAN HALEN!
Snape: *Mutters* I keep telling the Ministry… it’s dementia…

Dumbledore: Look! It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a…
Harry: No, it’s me, you old fart – now save me! Saaave me! You’re supposed to save me!

Dumbledore at a Weird Sisters concert
Dumbledore: ‘Yeah! Rock on!’
-Amanda T

‘Now featuring, Wizards in a Box! Please do not sue us for injuries such as Unforgivable Curses or paralysis…’

Dumbledore: ‘And now for some more imitations – this one is Spider-Man!’

Dumbledore: ‘Oh my goodness, a cloud bigger than Draco Malfoy’s ego!’

At the annual Muggle Awareness meeting, Dumbledore demonstrated the most popular Disco moves

Dumbledore in his best Babe Ruth impression

Witch: It’s a bird!
Wizard: It’s a plane!
Dumbledore: It’s the-boy-who’s-about-to-die-if-I-don’t-show-off-my-amazing-magical-powers!
-Megan J

Dumbledore rises and tries to give the universal sign of Rock n’ Roll in hopes of getting Sir Paul McCartney’s attention at the Quidditch World Cup Half-Time Show.

Tired of waiting for the vender to get to his box, Dumbledore rises in defeat and yells ‘Accio, Beer Man!’.

‘Would everybody please attach their harnesses and seatbelts; we will commence the pirate ship momentarily.’

You can take the wizard out of Woodstock, but you CAN’T take Woodstock out of the wizard!

Dumbledore: ‘I see about-to-be dead people!’

Dumbledore: *Thinking* Thank God I took those lessons from Master Yoda…

Dumbledore: Hey, look, Miss Johnson is spelling something in the air!

Dumbledore: *Conducting the choir*
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday dear Emerson,
Happy birthday to you!


–Spin-off of Jackie’s caption this week–
Dumbledore: Oh my goodness, a cloud bigger than Draco Malfoy’s Eggo!
Draco: *Munching on giant waffle* Hey! Wait till my father hears about this – stupid sky!
-Eric [Staff]

–Spin-off of Cassini’s caption this week—
Dumbledore: Hey, look, Miss Johnson is spelling something in the air!
Dumbledore: No, wait, it’s fading!
Emerson: *Hopes crushed* That witch!
-Eric [Staff]





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