CC #122: Week of February 20, 2005

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Mrs. Weasley: ‘Charles! Charles! You forgot Camilla!’

Fred: Uh-oh… Let’s hide – quick!
Mrs. Weasley: Fred! George! Where are you? You change your brother back this INSTANT!

Reporter 1: We were all shocked last night when Mrs. Weasley won the award for Best Rat Carrier. Did you see the look on the other nominees’ faces?!
Reporter 2: That I did, Bob, and now for the weather!

Mrs. Weasley felt a bit out of place at the annual blurry face convention.

Mrs. Weasley: *With look of triumph* ‘Wow! This is the tenth rat I caught today!’

Mrs. Weasley: ‘Are you sure you want to take him, Ron? It’s just that – I have this great recipe at home for rat soup…’

Announcer: ‘And next on the red carpet is… Mrs. Weasley! I just love the look! The rat totally adds accent to the hat! And following her is the Molly Weasley Fan Club!’

The newest in Wizard wear: Coordinated hats and pets!

[Continuation of Artemis’ caption last week]After Dumbledore scored her a backstage pass, Molly Weasley hopes to get Steve Harris to autograph Ron’s rat.
-Nathaniel C

Mrs. Weasley: Oh dear, the train’s moving and Ron forgot Scabbers!
Little Girl (Lower Left): Halt, train! *Train stops*
Mrs. Weasley: Why thank you, dear, you must be a very powerful witch.
Little Girl: No, but I did sleep at a Holiday Inn last night…
-Kevin H

Molly: Ron! Ron! Don’t forget your plot point – who knows what would’ve happened to the movie’s resolution without him?
Ron: Don’t worry, Mum, it’s not like anybody actually understood the ending of the movie anyway.

Mrs. Weasley: *Thinking* Well, it’s not corned beef, but it’ll have to do.

‘Wow – I wonder how many people are going to find a way to mention Snape again despite the fact that he’s nowhere in the picture.’

Molly: ‘Ron! You were so busy laughing at Snape because he still hadn’t gotten Scotty to beam down his clothes that you forgot your rat!’

And here we see Mr. Scabbers’ body double, Cuddles the Guinea Pig.
-Athena F

Aunt Marge: ‘How did I get into this scene? Veeeerrrnonnn…’

Ron: Wha-what are you doing? Give me Scabbers already!
Molly: Oh come on, you little rat! Just one more twirl before you go… Even my husband doesn’t dance with me as good as you do, and he has all of his toes!

One rat to rule them all

Crowd: ‘All hail Scabbers!’

To Mrs. Weasley’s horror, the people around her began to go blurry and she realized that Scabbers was indeed a Portkey.

Mrs. Weasley: ‘Now Ron, look after your new brother… his name is Stuart Little…’
-Claire L

Scabbers: *Looks into the girl’s eyes* Come here little girl…
Girl: *Is transfixed by Scabbers*
Molly: Scabbers, I’ve told you a million times, quit mesmerizing innocent children!
Scabbers: But Lockhart does it to women!
Molly: *Blushes* That’s different.

Background Music: The Ciircle of liiife….

For a safer public transport system
-Chris C.

Scabbers/Peter: *Sighs* ‘I’m finally in the arms of a woman… oh cheese.’

Mrs. Weasley forgot about Emerson’s birthday last week, so she bought him a late-birthday compensation gift.

Mrs. Weasley: ‘Now that those meddling kids are gone, I can finally prepare some rat stew!’

Mrs. Weasley: ‘Here is the prize for getting 1600 caption entries last week!’

[Continuation to Emma’s caption this week]Mrs. Weasley: here is the prize for getting 1600 caption entries last week!
Catherine: Just what we wanted – a murderous rat!
-Eric [Staff]





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