CC #123: Week of February 27, 2005

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Lily: James! that was my foot!
James: Sorry, dear, but you know I can’t dance!
Lily: You could have said no!
James: To you?! I’d rather not have my head smashed in, thanks…
Lily: Ugh… honestly!
Harry: *Turns picture frame over as they bicker* Yeah, yeah, foreshadowing Hermione and Ron, I get it… I get it… *Frustrated groan*

James: Get ready to pose for the picture, my dear.
Lily: But why do we look so much different from the first movie?
James: Who cares, let’s dance!

Lily: Move over, James, I’m a bit squished…
James: Honey, what do you expect? We’re two-dimensional.

*Background Music Plays*
Happiness runs in a circular motion,
Putters like a boat upon the sea…
Everybody is a part of anything anyway,
You can be happy if you let yourself be.

Announcer: ‘Be sure to ask your doctor about Zoloft.’

James: Lily, check out the new lamp from Ikea, very stylish.
Lily: Well, it’s Swedish for ‘’Value”!
James: Really? I thought it was a lamp…

‘How DARE our son use us as a common paperweight?!

James: Lily, did you know that something huge about you is going to be revealed in the next book?
Lily: Well… er…. I’ve been meaning to talk to you about that…
James: …?

Inkpot: *Left Corner* This is going to be an interesting contest, since there appears to be no people in the picture…
Lamp: Well, there’s Lily and James in the picture…
Inkpot: Who took that dreadful picture anyway?
Lamp: Some milkman, name of Creevy, I think…

Harry: Mom! Dad! Get a room!

Lily: James, can you move to the left? I’m trying to see what exciting adventure Calvin and Hobbes are experiencing in the newspaper.
James: I’ll never understand Muggles and their non-moving pictures…

‘And now, the winner for best picture… HAH! ‘’Best Picture”! GET IT?!’

James: ‘Don’t look now, Lily, but I think we’ve been framed…’

James: M’ feet are getting sore!
Lily: Mine too. You’d think after 14 years of this, we’d learn how to stop.
James: On the plus side, you don’t step on my feet anymore…
Lily: *Slaps James*

The Mirror of Erised – Travel Sized

James: You can stop smiling now, darling, we lost Best Visual Effects to Spider-Man 2…

Having never seen a wizard’s photograph before, Dudley thought it was a DVD and futily tried to access the Special Features menu.

Lily: We’re so cute together…
James: Too bad our son is in distress, or else he might notice how cute we are together.
Harry: Could you two shut up? I’m busy being moody…

Hermione: Oh, Harry! Is that your mom and dad?!
Harry: Uh… yeah… they died tragically when I was a baby…
Hermione: I’m so sorry, Harry! *Hugs him and leaves*
Ron: So those are your parents?
Harry: No, that came with the frame, never got around to changing it…

Harry: ‘Dumbledore told me Voldemort killed my parents, but it looks like Eric just compressed them into a 228×221 JPG image, which is MUCH worse!’

Lily: ‘Oh, James, when I’m dancing with you I almost feel three-dimensional!’

James: ‘Dearest – do you think you could get a spot on Witches Gone Wild if I threw you into that fountain?’





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