CC #125: Week of March 13, 2005

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Ron: *Singing* Meet George Jetson…
Harry: Ron, shut up!

Harry: Ron, I don’t think we’re in Surrey anymore…
Ron: …

Hedwig: Welcome to Futuria! Please keep all hands, feathers, wings, and trunks inside the car, and enjoy your stay! To your right, that’s where Anakin Skywalker lived before he turned to The Dark Side… To your left is where they film Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince… And straight ahead, through morning, is Neverland!

Ron and Harry: *Singing song from Phantom of the Opera* ‘floooating, faaaallling, sweeet intoxication!’

Ron: Whoa! Where are we?
Harry: It looks like a theme park in the sky…
Radio: *Makes a crackling noise* This is Cloud City Police – please state your password.
Harry and Ron: …?
Radio: Your password for entry, please?
Harry: …Alohomora?

Flying Ford Anglia Mystifies Jedi

Harry: Second star to the right, Ron, not the left!
Ron: Whoops…

Ron: Harry… where are we?
Harry: Dumbledore did say the only way we’d get an Academy Award is if we appeared in Star Wars…

–Continuation of Kerry’s Caption—
Man: *Now in car, not ship* Are you sure there’s no easier way to get tacos…?
-Mary Clare

Harry: Ron, I really think you need to get a new wand!
-Florian & Jason

*Jetsons Theme Plays*
Meet James Potter!
His Boy Harry!
Their dog Snuffles!
Lily, his wife!


*Jetsons Theme Plays*
Meet Harry Potter!
Pet owl Hedwig!
Ron, his wife!…
Ron: ‘HEY! I wear the pants in this relationship!’

Ron: Looks like your reputation as ‘The Boy who Lived’ is more wide-spread than we thought, Harry… what does this ‘Jedi Council’ want with you?
Harry: Dunno… something about ‘bringing balance to the Force’… whatever THAT means…

Harry: Looks like Dumbledore’s contraptions are out of control!
Ron: Must be some kind of Engorgement spell!
-Anita S.

…And thus, it was finally proven that Ron had his head in the clouds…

Harry: Uh, Ron, I think you’ve driven a bit too high…
Ron: I don’t understand! *Looks at map* It said to turn right at the mountain and continue upwards!
Harry: …’For 500 meters’, you git! Not until you hit the stratosphere!
Ron: *Understands* Oooohhh! *Looks horrified* …oh…
-Matt S.

Harry: Are you sure you pressed the Invisibility Booster, Ron?
Ron: Bloody hell… what happened?
Harry: We’ve been launched into the future! Now what do we do?!
Ron: I can just imagine what Hermione would sa…
Harry: Will you STOP thinking about Hermione for a second?!

The Flying Ford Anglia Pinball Game… Ka-Ching!

‘The Starship Enterprise can’t be far behind!’

Ron: Bom Bom Bom Bomm Babom Bomm Babom…
Harry: No, it’s more like this… Do Dee Do Dee Do Deee Deh Doo…
Ron: Sorry, I always get my John Williams songs mixed up.

–Continuation of Dogstar’s caption last week-
And then Ron and Harry flew to a galaxy far, far away with Snape’s clothes!

Ron: Err, I don’t think we’re in England anymore, Harry…
Harry: Err, I don’t think we’re in the Milky Way anymore, Ron…

Dude, where’s my movie?

Ron: ‘Hey, Harry, Do you want to ride the Merry-Go-Round or the Drop of Doom?’

Ron: *Singing badly* This is ground control to major RON…
Harry: Ron…
Ron: *Singing worse* Ashes to ashes, funk to funky, we know Draco is a junky!
Harry: That’s quite annoying, Ronald…
Ron: *Singing abysmally* ROCKET MAN!
Harry: Crucio!
Ron: Ouch!
Harry: Served you right! Lucky I didn’t throw you to the aliens!
-Rachel F.

Harry and Ron shortly before they were carjacked by Lando Calrissean

Harry: You know what I think, Ron?
Ron: What?
Harry: This should be a book entitled ‘Harry Potter and a Series of Unfortunate Wrong Turns’…

Ron: Bogies!
Harry: This is neither the time, nor the place…

Weasley’s Wizarding Fuel. Drive so smooth, you’d swear you were flying!

Ron: *Singing* Somebody give me my truck, so I can ride in the clouds…
Harry: Quiet, Ron, Britney Spears wasn’t even invented yet!

Harry: Ron, do you think we should go lower?
Ron: Why? I doubt any Muggles can see us up here.
Harry: It’s not that… it’s just that the Jetsons are going to think we’re low-tech…
-Sarah Jane

Harry: We found Durmstrang’s!
Ron: Now we see why they wear fur…

‘I said use the FORD, not the FORCE!’

Ron: ‘That Divination tower seems to get higher and higher…’

Harry: ‘Ron, quick! Turn the Invisibility Booster on or George Lucas’ lawyers will see us!’

Ron: ‘Holy pop culture reference, Harry!’

Harry: Ron, isn’t this a bit far to go to sell our Girl Scout cookies…?

‘There’s gotta be a Starbucks around here somewhere…’

Harry: Ron, do you really think they’ll let us land and refuel here?
Ron: Sure they will, trust me!
Harry: Huh?
Ron: I’ll just introduce myself as ‘Ron Solo’!
Harry: …
Ron: Cool name, isn’t it? They’ll be sure to let us land!
Harry: But… who am I?
Ron: Oh – you can be… uh…. Harry-backa!
Harry: HEY!
-Eric [Staff]





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