CC #126: Week of March 20, 2005

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Draco: Napoleo Dynamitus!
Students: *Gasp* The fourth Unforgivable Curse!

Napoleon: ‘Gosh, stop pointing those wands at me. All I wanted was a freakin’ magical Liger!’
-Joey S.

‘That’s it, Potter! We’ll settle this as only British wizards can – with a dance off!’

Figuring that it had worked for Pedro, Hermione hired Napoleon Dynamite to campaign for SPEW.

As MuggleNet went through the upgrading process, some unforeseen bugs showed up in the caption contest pictures.
-Olivia M.

Revenge of the Nerds IV: Hogwarts Invasion

The entire dueling club broke out into a collective gasp when Draco’s Patronus took the form of a clearly defined muggle.

Due to a spell going wrong, Hogwarts students see what Mr. Filch looked like growing up.

The Boy Who Lived was not prepared to face The Boy Who Danced.

Snape: *Rubbing his temple* I think it’s about time for me to retire…

Napoleon: ‘Dude, your sleeves are bigger than Deb’s! She’s gonna be so T.O.ed! Sweet!’

Napoleon: Dude, you got any tots around here?
Harry: …What?
Napoleon: Tots, idiot! Gosh!
Harry: Um, no.
Napoleon: Isn’t this place magic? Are there any ligers around here?
Harry: …Ligers?
Napoleon: Yeah, they’re like, my favorite animals ever.
J.K. Rowling: *Banging her head repeatedly against a wall* What are they doing to my poor characters?!?!

In an effort to appeal to American culture, the role of Ron Weasley in Order of the Phoenix will be played by Napoleon Dynamite.
-Greg L.

The house elves had to call in Napoleon Dynamite when they attempted to make a ‘dang quesadilla’.

Napoleon Dynamite: Taking ‘Whatever I feel like’ to a whole different level.

Napoleon: *To Harry* Pedro offers you his protection.
-Brett Bretterson

Chaos ensues when Napolean realizes that Uncle Rico’s time machine was actually a portkey.

Napoleon: Hey, can I have your tots?
Harry: No! They’re mine, my preciousss, preciousss is all MINE!
Harry Potter and the Pop Culture References: Coming soon to a theatre near you!

Malfoy: ‘You were supposed to be a snake, not some freaky haired Muggle! Hey, Granger, I just transfigured you a boyfriend!’

The Fourth Unforgivable Curse: Discos Infernio!

Harry Potter and the Half-Brained Prince.

Harry: ‘If this is what happens when Maniacal March is ‘’in the house”, I am so moving out.’
-Jeweled Jade

Snape: *Thinking* Maybe if I stand in the back of the picture, people won’t make any captions about my clothes!
-The Grim

Napoleon: Harry, will you get your junk out of my locker? My nunchuks don’t fit anymore!!
Harry: An American kid with a French name, who carries Japanese weapons and wants us to vote for a Mexican? What ever happened to keeping the cast all British?
-Ann J.

Napoleon: ‘So THESE are the people on the T-shirts next to mine at Hot Topic…sweet!’

Suddenly, Harry realized that he was not an only child. The clues were there the whole time – glasses, messy hair, horrible uncles, and unquestionable popularity.

Harry: ‘I said ‘‘accio broom”, not ‘‘accio super-weird-freaky-alternate-universe-version-of-Malfoy”!’
-Sar Sar





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