CC #138: Week of June 12, 2005

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Harry: ‘Ron, are you sure your mother didn’t make that dress robe out of those curtains in your attic…?’

Harry: …Don’t worry, Ron… at least one girl will be chasing you at the ball…
Ron: Really? *Looks hopeful* Who?
Harry: The girl who you stole those frilly bloomers from…

Harry: ‘Lose another bet, Ron?’

Harry: ‘Whoa, Ron… your reflection just passed out…’
-Meghan H.

Sarah Stitch’s Secondhand Sunday-Best: Sure to make that outdated 70’s hairstyle look great!


Harry: ‘Look on the bright side… no matter what the decorations are you’ll match them!’

Harry: ‘Ron, did you know that you look like a cross between Mick Jagger and Raggedy Andy?’

Ron: Why is everything I own maroon?! Doesn’t my mother realize that with my skin tone and hair color it makes me look peaky?
-Megan J.

Ron: ‘Harry… I think I accidentally grabbed Hermione’s dress and put it on…’

Harry: It’s amazing isn’t it?
Ron: What is?
Harry: Every time I look at you I think of Beetlejuice…
-Erica R.

A photo of Harry and Ron’s expressions when they meet their dates
-Luna Alba

Ron: *Thinking* How could my mother go into the same store and come out with both of these dress robes?!

Ron: ‘I knew I shouldn’t have taken fashion tips from Nearly Headless Nick…’

Rupert Grint decided to remake ‘‘November Rain’‘ by Guns’n’Roses despite Emma’s insistence that she would not do a wedding scene.

Harry: ‘It’s not that bad… If you keep your fingers crossed, you might win People Magazine’s ”Prettiest Ruffles” in the Best Dressed section!’
-Betty Lynn

Both: *Bursting into song and dance*
I’m gonna wear it forever,
Even though I know that I am a guy,
When I wear it I feel so hot and clever,
It’s so sexy when it’s with a bow tie!


‘Harry, I can’t go in looking like this… Millicent Bulstrode’s wearing the same outfit!’
-Luka B.

Ron: Hermione, give me my robes back! I can’t go to the ball like this!
Harry: Well, Ron, you’ve always wanted to be the center of attention!
Ron: Yeah… Malfoy will be known as the Bouncing Ferret and I’ll be known as the Dancing Flamingo!

Harry: ‘Austin Powers’ got nothing on you, Ron!’
-Jamie H.

Harry: AAAAH!
Ron: What? What?!
Harry: *Whispering* Don’t…look…now…but the tiny badger…that lives…on Lupin’s upper-lip…has migrated to your tuxedo…

‘You didn’t hear it from me, but Hermione really loves things that are ”frilly”.’
-Big Al

Mirror: ‘It could be worse, dear… at least it wasn’t designed by Janet Jackson’s wardrobe department…’‘

‘I’m gonna curse whoever put that guy from The Cure in charge of wardrobe…’

Rupert: Oh my gosh, Dan, what did we do to deserve this?
Dan: We signed a contract, Rupert…

‘Great… Another reason for people to say I look like my Mum!’
-Jenny F.

Harry: I told you not to buy your Tux at Liberace’s estate sale…
Ron: I have a sudden urge to beat myself over the head with a candelabrum.
Director: And cut!
Dan: Who wrote that joke?! I had to ask my grandmother who Liberace was!
Rupert: Did you happen to ask her what in the heck a candelabrum is?
-Bill J.

Harry: ‘Don’t worry about looking too feminine, Ron – your hair is so long now, everybody will think you’re Ginny anyway.’

You know, Ron, I know your mom was kidding, but… um… maybe you should just go naked…
-Mekare Q.

Ron: I told Mum I didn’t want to enter the Gilderoy Lockhart Look-Alike Contest!
Harry: Don’t worry, Ron, the only thing worse than losing the contest would be winning it!

Simon Cowell: ‘You call those the most hideous dress robes? I… I… well, those are the most hideous dress robes….

‘Well, whaddaya know, Ron! You CAN do a good basset hound imitation!’

Ron: Harry, what’s wrong with Seamus? He isn’t moving anymore…
Harry: Ron, I think he’s laughed himself into a coma…

‘Well… at least Michael Jackson won’t be tempted…’





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