CC #140: Week of June 26, 2005

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Harry: I just can’t believe I made a fool of myself out there…
Hermione: Relax, Harry – everyone screws up the talent part of the Miss Universe Pageant!

Harry: ‘…I’m suing the super glue company…’

Dan: Am I staring in space moodily enough?
Emma: You’re asking me? A better question is whether this director is more of a Harry/Hermione shipper than the last one…
-Java T.

Harry: *Reads sign on wooden board* ‘Keep staring; I might do a trick…’

Harry: Hermione? Are we in the same room, or is this a split-screen?
Hermione: I don’t know for sure, Harry. With a new director, anything is possible!

Harry: So do you think this is Pine wood?
Hermione: No, Pine wood is darker… This must be at least Ash or Maple…

Hermione: Everything will be alright, Harry.
Harry: You think so?
Hermione: Yes. You’ll get past the dragon, and if we’re lucky it will burn Ron’s dress robes at the same time!

Harry: You mean all this time the Half-Blood Prince was named in Hogwarts, A History?!
Hermione: *Looks exasperated*

Hermione: Harry, before you face the dragon… there’s something I wanted to talk to you about…
Harry: It’s okay, Hermione, I understand the spell completely.
Hermione: No, that’s not what I was talking about…
Harry: Then what is it?
Hermione: Well… if you die… could I have Hedwig?
Harry: …?!?!

Scenes from the MuggleNet Poll Waiting Room.

‘The Sun’ Writer: Look, sir! New spoiler pic from Harry Potter!
Editor: I’ve got it! Book 7 will be called Harry Potter and the Two-by-Four of Sorrow!
-Rachel F.

Hermione: Harry, I came down here to wish you luck. Please be careful! Ron and I would be horrified if anything ever happened to you.
Harry: Speaking of Ron, where is he?
Hermione: Well, he would have come, but he’s still reading the Caption Scroller…
-Katrina Jade

Harry: ‘Hey, Hermione? How long do you think it’ll be until they make this scene into a MuggleNet layout?’

Hermione: Harry? Is it just me, or have your glasses grown in diameter?
Harry: Yeah… what’s with that?
Hermione: Well, I suppose it symbolically represents the fact that you need to view the world more clearly now and take in things with more detail…
Harry: Umm… or maybe I’m just going blind – ever think of that, smarty-pants?!
Hermione: …

Fleur: Excusez-moi? Why iz ze focus on zem and not me? I am much bettair looking zan zose two!
Mike Newell: Well, see, the movie kind of revolves around Harry…
Fleur: Zat is not an excuse!

Hermione: Harry, why are you hugging that pole?
Harry: *Teary* It just…it reminds me so much of Oliver… God I miss him…

Harry: The tension in our relationship is so thick that you could cut it with a 2”x4”.
Hermione: Harry, I think somebody already has…
-Kelly H.

Hermione: Harry, you did great in that last task!

Dan: It just doesn’t feel right.
Emma: What?
Dan: Having the same stylist, the same eyebrows, and same hairstyle!
Emma: Oh, Dan. All a woman wants is a male version of herself!
-Rusty S.

Hermione: Harry, don’t lean on that, you’ll scratch up your glasses…
-Meghan H.

–Inspired by Myra’s caption last week–
Hermione: Harry, you aren’t still mad that you couldn’t hit Dumbledore and get that free Ipod, are you?
Harry: …For being over 100, he sure moves fast!
-Amanda D.

Harry: Omigod! It’s Dobby’s birthday and I didn’t get him a present! *Starts banging head against post* Bad Harry! Bad Harry!

‘Harry, you know this new relationship will only produce splinters!’
-Bart R.

Harry: ‘Hermione…? Do you think if we lean any closer, the Harry/Hermione shippers will get so excited they’ll squee themselves to death?’

Harry: Hermione…? Do you feel like Britney?
Hermione: No… Why?
Harry: Because I totally feel like Madonna in the music video of ‘Get in the Zone’!





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