CC #208: Week of March 4, 2007

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Phoebe: I just had a premonition.
Harry: *To Ron* If she was our Divination teacher, I woudl still be in that class.
Ron: *Gulp* Yeah…

Harry: Again, why did you call us?
Paige: You have to help us fight evil.
Hermione: We were kinda busy fighting Voldemort… you know, The Dark Lord?
Piper: This is worse. Ten times worse.
Ron: What is it?
Phoebe: The return of… Prue.

Harry: ‘Whitelighters? Book of Shadows? Demons?’ Who the heck writes their scripts, Luna Lovegood?
Hermione: Actually, I’ve gotten an offer to replace one of the Charmed sisters.
Ron: No way!

Ron: Harry! Hide me!
Harry: WhY…?
Hermione: Ron is scared of fictional witches.
Paige: Who you calling fictional…?

Piper, Phoebe and Paige: The Power of Three will set us free! The Power of Three will set us free! The Power of Three will set us free!
Harry: *Looks to Hermione* Why don’t WE just do THAT?!

Ron: Great, we come all the way to America to meet Hermione’s hot Muggleborn cousins, and we’re stuck watching the San Francisco Gay Pride Parade…
Harry: At least I’m not up on that float naked…

Piper: Not the Source again!
Paige: Yeah! I mean, come on! How many times are we going to defeat this guy?!
Phoebe: We can’t turn around without finding the ultimate embodiment of evil trying to kill us!
Harry: Story of my life!
-Sam W.

Paige: Horcruxes!
*Horcruxes orb in*
Piper: *Throws potion*
Phoebe: *Levitates and kicks Voldemort who Apparated because Nagini suddenly orbed out*
Horcruxes: *Blow up because of the potion*
Charmed Ones:
You evil Lord, we conquer thee,
For no one can survive the Power of Three!

Voldemort: Nooooo! *Explodes*
Harry: ..Well, you sure work efficiently…

Power of 3 meets the Trio…
Harry: ‘I thought 7 was the most magical number?!’

Piper: Prudence, Patricia, Penelope, Melinda.
Ron: *Rolls eyes*
Phoebe: Astrid, Helena, Laura and Grace.
Hermione: *Looks at her watch*
Paige: Halliwell witches stand strong beside us…
Charmed Ones: Vanquish this evil from time a-
Harry: Avada Kedavra.
Hermione: Our way was easier…

Paige: This is totally awesome! We now have another set of ‘Power of Three!’
Ron: This is just great, now we have to put up with three more women.
Harry: It might not be so bad… *Winks at Piper*
Piper: Hey, kid! I’m a married woman!
Harry: It doesn’t matter to me!
Phoebe: Can we focus now?! We have many demons to vanquish and that ugly dude that has been going after Harry for, well, his whole life.
Hermioen: QUIET! I’ve got an idea!
Paige: Does she always do this?
Harry and Ron: Yes.
-Nicole M.

Harry: There’s Voldemort!
Rose McGowan: Don’t be silly, it’s only Marilyn Manson.

Paige: I don’t think all my vague Harry Potter references would really amount to anything…
Harry: Who are these clowns?
Hermione: Honestly, don’t you read? They’re The Charmed Ones.
Harry: *Mumbles* Well I’m the Chosen One..
Ron: Where are their wands?
-A.J. Lucas

Harry: I have a feeling this isn’t Hogwarts behind us, otherwise it’s disguised…
Hermioen: You should know that Hogwarts is disguised so that the Muggles don’t stumble upon us.
Paige: Um, actually that’s our house, though there IS Magic School straight through the wall up the first flight of stairs.
Piper: Yeah, all you have to do is walk straight towards the wall, best do it in a bit of a run if you’re nervous.

Harry: Our special effects are better than yours.
Piper: At least we don’t have any unattractive scars!
-Laura the Explorer

Ron: Is that Ginny?
Phoebe: Who’s Ginny?
Hermione: His girlfriend.
Piper: Welcome to the club.
Harry: What club?
Paige: The ‘I dated a demon’ club.

Harry: ‘We’re here to steal your song. It’s much cooler, plus, John Williams lost his xylophone…’

Harry: ‘Okay, Ron, this is ridiculous. It’s REALLY time for a new wand.’

Paige: Where’s Chris? He and Harry need to have a contest to see who can be the most angsty.
Piper: He died, Paige.
Harry: And I’m probably about to die…
Phoebe: AWkward…

This week, on Survivor: Magic Island! We have to wonder who’s more worried about Mildred Hubble’s recent expulsion – Piper or Ron. Hermione and Paige continue their secret ‘Muggle Raised’ alliance, and Harry and Phoebe each have plans of their own.

Ron: And suddenly, we’re on Wisteria Lane. My one dream has come true!
Hermione: …





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