Narcissa’s Top Ten Disgustingly Cute Nicknames for Draco


Every mother has one… or more.

  1. Ickle-Drakey-Wakey
  2. Drakey-Dookie-Diddy-Dums
  3. Drakey-Diddy-Dobby-Doo
  4. Snoogie-Woogie-Drakey-Poo
  5. Drakey-Dinky-Dookie-Doodums
  6. Drakey-Poopsie-Oopsie-Goo
  7. Drakey-Dimsy-Mimsy-Doo-Doo
  8. Drakey-Doody-Sweetie-Dookums
  9. Dipsy-Doopsy-Drakey-Poo
  10. YOU %!#@&* BRAT!!!

Submitted by: Bob Sindeldecker

Eric S.

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