CC #386: Week of April 13, 2014

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Snape: And you, Miss Weasley, shall serve detention cleaning the Great Hall… with a toothbrush!
Ginny: Not while I have this! *Holds up bottle of shampoo*

Voldemort: You’ve got something on your face… just there…
Snape: Yeah, it’s a nose. You’ve got one too-oh, wait, sorry. Nevermind.

Snape: *Thinking* Oh no – they did notice I cut my left cheek shaving…

Snape: ‘As you’ve probably guessed, things will be a bit different at Hogwarts this year. Our first new rule is that points may never be awarded to Gryffindor. Our second rule is that points may never be taken from Slytherin. Our third new rule is that it’s okay to torture first years. Well, that’s about it. Off to bed, everyone! Sleep tight!’

That was when Snape had had enough. He could put up with Snupin, he could even put up with Dumblesnape, but he drew the line way before Snarry…
-The Doctor’s Daughter

That awkward moment when you make a Harry Potter reference in the middle of a Muggle conversation.

Harry: *Breaks into Great Hall* I know, Snape. I know your secret.
Snape: You know about the High School Musical poster?!
Harry: No – I was talking about you being a spy for Dumbledore.
Snape: Oh… um, just ignore what I said there, then.
-Olivia W.





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