CC #388: Week of May 25, 2014

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Harry: ‘I’m not asking for much. Just go through the wall and tell me how the Diagon Alley park is coming along…’

Harry: Are you sure that you’re the Grey Lady?
Helena: Yes.
Harry: It’s just that I remember you were blonde in my first year.
Helena: Well people dye their hair… *mumbles* the actress playing me is re-cast *stops mumbling* these things happen.

Harry: Forgive me for getting in your way. This is my first experience of someone passing through me.
Grey Lady: You must be Luna’s friend. She said you would be coming soon to ask some pointed questions. Questions I know nothing about.
Harry: Okay, why did you walk through me instead of around me? This is a large enough room.
Grey Lady: Even after all these years since my untimely demise, It gives me a cheap thrill when I do it to the new people. I do it to Luna all the time. She says it gives her a dose of reality. Can’t for the life of me understand why.
Harry: Yes, she does leave us with a lot of unanswered questions.
-Daniel N.

Harry: ‘So, I was wondering if you wanted me to draw you like one of my French girls.’

Harry: So you’re not going to help me?
Helena: No.
Harry: Drop dead.
Helena: Too late.

Harry: If Voldemort thought he was the first to discover the Room of Requirement, why is it filled with centuries’ worth of junk?
Helena: Don’t worry about that.
Harry: But he must have realised that anyone could get in there!
Helena: But he was the first one.
Harry: So all that junk is just from a few decades?
JK Rowling: Don’t question my magic!

‘Turn around, bright eyes…’

Harry: Look on the bright side… at least you’re not Moaning Myrtle.
Moaning Myrtle: *Flying up behind Harry* HEY!

Harry: I heard the Baron killed you.
Helena: *Nods*
Harry: Men, huh?
Helena: *Looks at him, confused*
Harry: My full name is Harrietta.

Harry: I seek your mother’s diadem.
Grey Lady: My mother’s diadem?
Harry: Yes, and also any money, jewelry or valuables she had. For… reasons…

Harry: *Tweets* Talking to a ghost #yolo.
Helena: Yolo?
Harry: You only live once.
Helena: Get out.





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