CC #392: Week of August 31, 2014

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Ron: ‘Yes, I think you’re going to need braces, Mr. Basilisk…’

Hermione: All right. Get a tooth, and we will destroy this Horcrux.
Hermione: I meant a tooth from the Basilisk!!!

Ron: Okay, I’ve got the DNA.
Hermione: Basilisk Park will work! We’ll spare no expense!
Ron: I don’t know. Life finds a way…

Ron: It was definitely a British snake!
Hermione: How can you tell?
Ron: He didn’t floss.

Ron: Nope. Looks like no one DID bother to clean up the dead Basilisk…

Ron: With its enamel protection, Colgate White can stop teeth from rotting.
This has been another product placement opportunity for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Hermione: Ron, are you sure it’s not this one?
Ron: That’s a statue, Hermione.

Ron: How did it get so big? It was surviving on poo water.
Hermione: Well, have you seen the dinners at this school?

Ron: Hold on a second, Hermione! I want to make sure we don’t get one with a cavity!

Ron: Too bad the skin’s gone. I could have used it to make some scarves…

Ron: Give ussss your fangssss pleasssse, Mr. Sssssssnake.
Hermione: *Rolls eyes, walks up and grabs a handful of basilisk fangs.*
Ron: It worked!

Ron: It’s a lot bigger than I imagined it to be.
Hermione: It’s exactly how I imagined it.
Ron: How could you possibly know how big a real basilisk can be?
Hermione: Because I READ, Ron. In case you’re forgetting, it was ME that discovered the monster was a basilisk before I was petrified.
Ron: Oh. Right.





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