CC #394: Week of October 19, 2014

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Flitwick: ‘Go forth! Avenge the Quidditch pitch!’

In desperation, Flitwick sends the Hogwarts marching band to fight the Death Eaters.

Flitwick: ‘Wait! I’m telling the truth. I’m Hagrid’s little brother. Why does no one ever believe me?’

Flitwick: Oh, pardon me! I’m in a rush!
Armor: Why’s that?
Flitwick: I’m meant to be judging Hogwarts Next Top Model and I’m a week late!

Flitwick: ‘Spare some change? Spare some change? Anyone? I just need enough for the Knight Bus.’

Flitwick: Look. I know Seamus sets things on fire a lot, but that’s no reason to come to my class dressed like this.
Ron: *In suit of armor* We’re not taking any chances.

Flitwick tried to get into the hottest club in Diagon Alley, but the queue ran for blocks and the bouncers were terrifying.

It’s moving day for McGonagall’s giant chess set.
-Sarah S.





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