CC #395: Week of November 23, 2014

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Ron: ‘Wow. Who knew Harry was such a good artist?’
-Olivia W.

Hermione: Ron, why is there this man called Peter Pettigrew in your dormitory?
Ron: I dunno. He’s in there a lot. I think maybe he’s the janitor.

Ron: How are we going to find Harry on this thing?
Hermione: You can’t. This is The Daily Prophet.

Hermione: Is that… a lamp? Or a giraffe…
Ron: I don’t know… Harry can’t draw…

Hermione: Was that really the whole trailer for the new Star Wars film?
Ron: I’ll try playing it again…

Ron: Ha.
Hermione: …what’s funny?
Ron: Someone’s name is ‘Ha.’

Ron: Hermione, I don’t think he’s on here…
Hermione: No, I know he is. Just keep looking for the red and white striped shirt and goofy glasses.

Ron: How’d you get so wet?
Hermione: You’d be wet too if you’d just starred in Noah.

Hermione: ‘To defeat Voldemort, it says we must land on the final square and then shout ”Jumanji” and then he will go back into the game.’





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