Fan Art of the Week: Body paint

Fan art comes in all colors, shapes, sizes, and materials. This time around we chose to feature one of the more unique displays of fan art: body painting. The artist, Allison, submitted to us a beautiful picture of four models with each one covered by a Hogwarts House crest on their back. To play along with the content of the body art the models are photographed with piles of books, and it is set in King’s Cross station with old luggage.

Photographer: Jim Peterson
Make-up and Hair: Jennifer Sullivan Cassidy
Models from left to right: Angela Faith, Shannon O’Shea, Eileen Chase, and Eva Melinda

We interviewed Allison to gather more information about the process of the painting as well as the photo shoot itself.

MuggleNet: How long did it take for you to apply the body paint?

Allison Chase: The process was fairly time[-]consuming, it took about 8 hours.

MN: What was the photo shoot like for the models?

AC: We had a projector and screen set up for the models to watch [TV] episodes to help pass the time.

MN: Where did the shoot take place?

AC: The location was the photographer’s studio located in Downtown Kansas City. We had the whole upper floor of a building, which also doubled as classrooms. One room just happened to have the great wall that reminded me of King’s Cross. Originally, the backdrop was going to be a library wall, but we couldn’t find one that looked old enough.

MN: And what about the props? Where did all of the books come from?

AC: With the King’s Cross idea, we were able to sort through the photographer[‘]s props […] and found some great luggage. The books were a mix between my own collection, some of what the models a crew brought, and some that we borrowed from the classrooms. Overall, it was a very fun day.

If you would like to check out other work done by the artist check out the link to Allison’s Facebook page. NOTE: Allison’s page contains nudity. Go over to our own “Fan Art” section to check out past featured creations, or submit your own after looking over the submission rules at the top of the page.

Victoria Velasco

I was first introduced to the Boy Wizard in 1999 through my aunt and fell in love with the stories when I started reading them in 2005. As a Hufflepuff with Ravenclaw tendencies, I'm a hard-working creative who loves Graphic Design, Landscape Photography, Doctor Who, and Disneyland.