CC #398: Week of July 14, 2019

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For today’s Transfiguration lesson, Dumbledore had transformed himself into a Defense Against the Dark Arts professor.

“Now, Leta, remember, it’s just a Boggart. Mr. Napkin Head isn’t real.”
—Anna P.

From the Defense Menswear Collection
Sport coat, 100% linen: £394.00
Sweater vest, 100% wool: £117.00
Burgundy bow tie, 100% wool: £93.00


Newt: “I’m standing on the wrong marker.”
—Terrance P.

Peer pressure, peer pressure, peer pressure.

When you realise that Dumbledore was bad and was with Grindelwald at one point in his life.
—Yaana M.

“If you stop looking over my shoulder I could do this, Dumbledore!”
—Jackie C.

“I can’t believe I called him Dumbledaddy to his face.”

When you just got out of school but you realize summer is halfway done





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