CC #399: Week of July 21, 2019

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“Sorry, Harry. There’s some things I – I am allergic to. Just c– A–AACHOO!”

When you try to pretend you’re listening to the conversation but you just don’t care.

Lupin: “Did I see CHOCOLATE?!”
Harry: “Professor…?”

Lupin: “I am weak, Harry. I just turned into a werewolf an hour ago.”
Harry: “But it’s daylight.”
Lupin: “I saw Fred and George moon me”

“Harry, do you remember the way back to the castle?”
—Kathy Q.

“And over there, Harry, is the abandoned Marauders plot line from this movie.”

When your mum walks in on you watching Harry Potter… again.

“I am sorry, Harry, for I think it’s time for my dinner.”

Harry: “I’ve heard there are werewolves in the forest, Professor.”
Lupin: “Nonsense, Harry. Right now there’s only one.”

Lupin: “Everything the light touches is yours, Harry.”
Harry: “What about that shadowy place over there?”
Lupin: “That’s the Cursed Child discourse, Harry. Stay away from there.”
—Matt R.

When someone says they’re a better witch than Hermione

Lupin: “I can’t help you, Harry. I was beaten by a brave woman in battle.”
Harry: “Hermione beat you?”
Lupin: “No, her name was Diana Prince.”





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