CC #404: Week of August 25, 2019

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“Now, sink into the floor. Sink… Now you’re in the Sunken Place.”
—Chad H.

“I see you were expecting a biscuit, Potter…”


On Wednesdays, we wear discrimination.

“Have a biscuit, Potter.”
—Srivatsan V.

“The Devil Wears Prejudice.”

“Do hang that plate a little higher there, Filch, if you please!”

Me: (Wears pretty makeup and dresses)
Also me: (Watches seventeen serial killer documentaries)

Still from the classic 1986 film “Shi**y in Pink”.

When it’s Monday and you’re already done with the week.
—Emily M.

Karen’s face when she finally gets to speak to the manager.

When someone asks to see the manager, and you are the manager.

When you spend hours cooking dinner and no one has commented on how it tastes yet…

(About to spill ALL the tea on Dramione/Feltson.)






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