CC #405: Week of September 1, 2019

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“Newt, I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore…”

Newt: “Have we Apparated to the wrong place?”
Tina: “Must have, since we seem to have landed in the Wear a Hat Contest and are the only ones not sporting a hat.”
—H. Star

Tina: “You know, you ought to have a case full of hats instead of beasts, then we wouldn’t look out of place.”
—A. Lake

Me, trying to avoid eye contact when the teacher asks, “Can anyone say the answer?”

When you exit the Metro and have no idea which way is north.

Neo from The Matrix and the Eleventh Doctor arrive in Paris.
—Sophia D.

Tina: “Where are we?”
Newt: “Smells like croissants and high fashion… must be Paris.”

Newt: “Tina, do you speak any French?”
Tina: “Je t’aime.”
Newt: “What?”
—David Q.

“According to the GPS, the Starbucks should be right where we’re standing.”
—Richard P.





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