CC #420: Week of May 3, 2020

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Neville: “Hey, guys, I think I just won Russian roulette!”
—Candice O.

Neville: “If we die, Harry, then you both should know my real name. It’s X Æ A-12.”
Harry: “Your name is X Æ A-12?”
Neville: Yes.
Man: (off-screen) “Hey, it’s X Æ A-12!”
—Mr. E.

“I wasn’t bloody kissing her, Harry!”

When you save the day but are wearing a really ugly cardigan.

Me telling my brother I am being forced to chaperone him and his girlfriend.
—Katie R.

When they all hear the same ghost noise.
—Emma Rose

Harry: “She’s mine!”
Neville: “No, she is mine!”
Ginny: “I’m with neither of you – social distancing.”
—Ravenclaw M.

Neville: “Hey, guys! I just learned all the medicinal properties of the Mimbulus Mimbletonia. Do you want to hear?”
Harry: “Quick, Ginny, run.”
—Rylo Ken

In trying to dye his hair Weasley red, Neville Longbottom succeeded only in spilling a large amount down his face.
—Charlie H.

Me and my two friends walking to the school office to tell them they don’t spend enough on the theater program.
—Katie R.

Fighting over toilet paper in the quarantine.
—Ashapurna D.

Harry: “Hurry up, Ginny. We’ve gotta go.”
Neville: “Did you hear Stephenie Meyer is publishing a new Twilight book?”
Harry: “Ginny, we have to stay. Neville, tell me more.”
—Bella’s Swan

Neville: “I can spit fire.”
Harry: “Aguamenti! No, Neville, today is not the day.”
—Anit R.

Ginny: “Here is a fine for 200 Galleons.”
Neville: “Why?”
Ginny: “That cardigan. I’m with the Fashion Police.”
—Why So Sirius

10 minutes earlier…
Neville: “Hi, I’m Neville Longbottom and this is Dumbledore’s Army.” (Neville rides a shopping cart full-speed into Death Eaters.)
—Mr. Z.

When everyone realizes something… but that “something” is totally different from everyone else’s “something.”
—Cathrine W.






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