CC #426: Week of July 26, 2020

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“Get behind me, everyone! They don’t have masks!”

Harry: “Hey! THAT’s not social distancing!”

Harry: “HOLD ME BACK! Those Dementors don’t know what I can do!”
—Ryan O.

Harry: “Don’t worry. I know what I’m doing. I escaped from Pretoria.”

When your family is in the elevator and you’re trying to keep other people out.

Just before the first use of the Maximus Manicurum spell…

Harry: “We would have been in and out if you hadn’t given us away, Ron!”
Ron: “Umbridge insulted the Chudley Cannons. What was I SUPPOSED to say?”

Harry: “These papparazzi never stop!”

Ron: “Oh my God, the Dementors are gonna get us.”
Harry: “No, they won’t. Watch this. GO AWAY!”
(They do.)
Hermione: “That was easy.”

Ron: “Don’t eat us. Eat my wife! She’s just an extra.”

Ron: “Ah! Dementors!”
Harry: “Worse. Kardashians.”






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